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Steinberg PadShop Pro v2.0.10 / v2.2 [WiN, MacOSX]

Steinberg PadShop Pro
WiN: Team V.R | 09 June 2020 | 735 MB
MAC: Team V.R | 14 December 2023 | 167 MB
Padshop Pro is an enhanced version of Steinberg’s state-of-the-art VST granular synthesizer and comes with several new effects and opportunities to fit the requirements of professional sound designers and skilled creatives. The Pro version offers the import and manipulation of custom samples in a way that will alter your perception of sound forever.

Exclusive Padshop Pro features
  • Sample import via drag-and-drop for advanced sound design projects and custom presets
  • 3-band parametric EQ per layer for clarity and smoothness in the mix
  • Algorithmic reverb to enrich your sound with fullness and athmosphere
  • 50 new presets with athmospheric pads and evolving sounds

Sample import
With Padshop Pro, sound designers and creatives can use their own samples and recordings to fuel Padshop’s granular synthesis engine. Record new sounds in Cubase and drag-and-drop the file directly to Padshop Pro to create your individual sound presets. Own samples can also be imported from the MediaBay or via the convenient import browser into Padshop Pro. WAV and AIF formats with a length of up to ten minutes are supported.

The FXpert
With two additional effects, Padshop Pro covers all you need to create your own spectacular granular synthesis presets.
The Pro version comes with a 3-band parametric EQ for each layer. With a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and a variable Q for the mids, the equalizer lets you increase the clarity and smoothness of your custom presets and gives you the chance to edit the sounds precisely from the first step.

Zero Gravity Expansion Pack
With 250 new presets and a fully loaded new SoftGrain Wave ROM, Zero Gravity is the first expansion pack for Steinberg’s Padshop VST granular synthesizer.

Padshop 2.0.10 Maintenance Update

A new maintenance update for our granular synthesizer is now readily available. This small update includes several fixes and improves sample loading times. We recommend that users download and install the update as soon as possible

Team V.R (mac requires WIN emulation)

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  • nectoy
    9 July 2020 01:04
    • error installing : "error copying file from packed archive.."
  • Legend
    9 July 2020 12:32
    • Quote: nectoy
      error installing : "error copying file from packed archive.."

      update your winrar
  • mamichan
    18 May 2022 10:21
    • same -
      mine doesn™ work :(


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