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Native Instruments valves

Libraries ouolof 04.02.2023 0


Software mehdihilux 04.02.2023 2

komplete kontrol 2.7 (MAC)

Software ouolof 04.02.2023 1

GOLDEN SAMPLES Let's Play: EDM Adventure Vol 1

Golden Samples presents 'Let's Play: EDM Adventure Vol 1'. This product includes five fantastic Construction Kits inspired by chart-topping EDM stars such as Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Hardwell, Tiesto and more. Includes WAV and MIDI files. All the sounds are 100% royalty-free.

'Let's Play: EDM Adventure Vol 1' includes five Construction Kits created on equipment of the highest quality analogue and digital technology. All tunes have been recorded in high quality 24-Bit/44.1kHz.

Product inspired by chart-topping EDM stars such as Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Hardwell, Tiesto and more.

Golden Samples has worked extremely hard to provide you the most original and inspiring EDM content possible.

Take your chance and 'Let's Play'.

Construction Kits Included:

• 125 BPM Big Dreams Kit D min
• 128 BPM Bollywood Kit A min
• 128 BPM Bouncy Jeff A min
• 128 BPM Box of Music Kit G min
• 128 BPM Nightlife Kit C# min

Product Details:

• 5 Construction Kits
• 24-Bit WAV Loops
• 135 Files (WAV & MIDI)
• 125 &128 BPM
• EDM Styles
• 100% Royalty-Free

Libraries martin2015 03.02.2023 0

Mainroom Warehouse The Mainstage EDM Drops Songstarters

'The Mainstage EDM Drops Songstarters' brings you 25 professional songstarters packed full of pro features and produced by a professional producer. If you're looking for inspiration for your next huge EDM hit them look no further than this pack. Each Kit includes 24-Bit WAV files as well as MIDI.

These loops and samples have been inspired by the top EDM artists and festivals from around the world and have been carefully crafted to inspire your next EDM hit track.

In detail, each Kit contains intuitively named files including tempo and key information. Dry and Wet variations are included, as well as FX tail files.

Lead, bass and string loops also come with and without filter effects to allow you to craft awesome drops and risers.

The included MIDI allows you to adapt the musical phrases to your exact needs. You can change tempo and pitch to extremes without any glitching and add your favourite synth or sampler in to the mix.

Product Specifications:

• 25 Mainstage EDM Drop Construction Kits
• 24-Bit WAV files
• MIDI included
• Wet & Dry loops
• Drum supplied with/without compression
• Several Percussion Variations
• FX Tail Loops
• BPM & key info in file names
• Professionally produced
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 853 Files in total
• 3.10 GB of content

Libraries martin2015 03.02.2023 0

Voxengo Span Plus For Mac.

Be great if we could get this.

Software JMF808 03.02.2023 0

Voxengo Span Plus

Be great if we could get this.

Software JMF808 03.02.2023 0


a very nice talkbox for the fonk

Software vielfaure 31.01.2023 1

quadra traveler UVI

very nice sounds

Libraries vielfaure 31.01.2023 2

Michael Phase Nebula EDM Serum Presets

Libraries Lessew 31.01.2023 0

Michael Phase Bass House (Serum Presets)

Libraries Lessew 31.01.2023 0

MOONBOY Nocturnal Bundle (House)

MOONBOY Nocturnal Bundle (House)

Libraries Lessew 31.01.2023 2

MOONBOY Triple Threat Collection

Libraries Lessew 31.01.2023 2

Keys Course Vol. 1 For Beginners by MoneOnDaBeat
Use Code: NEWSTUDENT for 15% Off

Lerning Jarvis12Coley 30.01.2023 2

Sample Tools by Cr2 Mainstage Future Techno

Hello Audiolove, Please can anyone help with this one ???

Thank you,

Libraries Drifty 30.01.2023 0



This would be a great course to learn from good tips from.


Lerning Cram 30.01.2023 2

AudioSourceRE DeMIX Pro

Software jazzman21 30.01.2023 0

liquidsonics Tai Chi Ensemble Reverb

Powerful Atmos Ensemble Reverb
Featuring surgical multi-band reverb editing, rich chorusing and empowering control over fidelity and dynamics, Tai Chi has the flexibility and dexterity you need to give compositions a rich and energetic new dimension.

Envisioned as the perfect combination of heritage vibe and contemporary class, Tai Chi is an unbelievably rich yet pristine algorithmic character reverb.

The perfect combination of the deep editing potential of the past with the ease of use of the present, Tai Chi is perfect for synth swells, vocals and electric pianos.

Software daddysyl 30.01.2023 0

tone projects Basslane Pro

Basslane Pro is the definitive tool for controlling low-end stereo width and crafting impactful bass that translates across formats and playback systems.

Basslane Pro combines transparent manipulation of stereo width with novel solutions to preserve musical content that would otherwise be lost when summed to mono. With uses far beyond mono'ing, Basslane Pro offers refined ways to enhance width, punch, and low-end richness. The unique Stereo Harmonics feature allows you to inject upper bass harmonics to add definition and controlled low-end width without problematic stereo information in the subs. The easy-to-use multiband dynamics, powered by our acclaimed Unisum compressor, makes it effortless to tame unruly transients or enhance low-end punch and tightness.

Software daddysyl 30.01.2023 0

Audio Imperia Flourish

Kontakt Library 2023

Libraries Jawad 29.01.2023 1
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