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Title Category Author Date

Audiotent Lithium

Libraries badgerboy 26.05.2024 0



Lerning faultysteam 26.05.2024 1

F-em VCFM Sound Pack

VCFM brings bags of analogue warmth and soul to the monstrous F.'em. A range of Waveforms from real VCOs were meticulously sampled and blended with pure FM, creating hybrid sounds offering the best of both worlds. Expect to find lush, organic evolving pads, hybrid 808 and 909 kits, deep, thick punchy basses, glassy arpeggios and more. While the sounds are a great fit for dance oriented music, VCFM is a highly versatile expansion pack that will find its way into any production.

Includes 100 preset

Libraries Ketch50 25.05.2024 0

Cymatics Illusion v1.0.0 [MAC]


Software beighker 25.05.2024 0

Audiotent - Glitch

Modular percussion. A really cool pack

Libraries VoshVidya 23.05.2024 0

Kiive KC1

Kiive KC1

Software JMF808 23.05.2024 2

Waves Ultimate 14 v11.02.24 macOS


Software doriba 23.05.2024 1

Mickey Nox - Kick Drum [4 Part Masterclass]

Welcome to my latest Masterclass. This time I wanted to focus on Kick Drums.

It is my most requested topic in my 1 on 1 teaching sessions. So I have put together a 4 part Masterclass to try and cover as much as I could. There are other ways I do them outside of this class. But this is my most common approach. I intend to improve your workflow and open your mindset to other possibilities.

Chapter 1 - Kick Sourcing. Different Samples, VST's & Synthesis.
Chapter 2 - Single Kick Processing. Showcasing kick processing on 1 channel or 1 kick to push boundaries.
Chapter 3 - Kick Layering. An insight to my group structure and approach.
Chapter 4 - Group Processing and some mixing tips I use.

I have included 100 samples as-well from my personal subscription series as a bonus extra. A PDF is supplied with some free plugs ins that i've used in the sessions.

Hope you enjoy.

Mickey Nox.

** 1 download/purchase per customer. Sharing is prohibited **
Recorded in Ableton Live 11. Though approach and process can be used in any DAW.

Lerning Drifty 23.05.2024 1

Spitfire Audio – Fractured Strings

Refract, bloom, soar

From AIR Studios, to the edge of the world. We’ve collaborated with Hans Zimmer’s prestigious scoring collective Bleeding Fingers Music (Frozen Planet II, Planet Earth II, Blue Planet II) and London’s finest string players to create a new kind of small ensemble library — featured in BBC’s Frozen Planet II.

Fractured Strings introduces an innovative approach to articulations that offers inspirational surprises through intervallic performances and new modal colours, delivering unparalleled depth and realism. With these emotive musical gestures and our new Scale Mode technology, this library lends itself perfectly to cellular, ambient, and neoclassical composing — reflecting the intricacies, patterns and contrasts found in natural phenomena.

Featuring an eight-piece string ensemble and two soloists, these sounds have been brought to life in the unparalleled acoustics of AIR Lyndhurst Hall, complete with 15 signal paths. With infinite intervallic possibilities, you can take these strings anywhere — to places of warmth, grit, darkness or light.

Libraries soundtester 22.05.2024 1

Kontakt library

voidandvista. FOLDS

Libraries travishamlett 21.05.2024 0

Audiobro – Eternity Adult Choir

From epic to delicate – the flagship choir!
Built on our exclusive Audiobro orchestral engine, the Eternity Adult Choir is our new flagship choir – an elite 48 piece multi-ensemble (4 sections) choir. Each ensemble was recorded separately so it’s like having four choirs in one. There is also an add-on library called Eternity Expansion featuring Array Divisi and Ribbon microphones. We carefully chose the choir and scoring stage size to provide you with the most flexibility in achieving lush, powerful, and detailed performances without sounding too “washy” with ambiance.

Libraries soundtester 21.05.2024 1

Synapse Audio – The Legend HZ

This is a special version of The Legend: Developed in collaboration with iconic and multiple-award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer, The Legend HZ recreates the sonic characteristics of the most famous vintage synthesizer of all times.
Multiple features have been added to The Legend HZ that were previously unavailable with The Legend. These include an additional three oscillators (and with them an added polyphony setting), a modulation matrix, a 32-step sequencer, an MSEG for added modulation controls, and an expanded effects section.

Libraries soundtester 21.05.2024 2

Retrohandz Essential Favela

Libraries yas5000 21.05.2024 0

Retrohandz Rave Favela

Libraries yas5000 21.05.2024 0

Solemn Tones Fenrir Amp Sim

Amp Sim is called Fenrir by the company Solemn Tones

Libraries BullShane 21.05.2024 0

Edit: Basic Wavez Visions vol 2 & 3

Seen a few of these come under PML but vol 2 and 3 aren't up yet. Thanks

Libraries badgerboy 20.05.2024 0

Kiive NFuse 5.20 Update

Kiive NFuse 5.20 Update

Software JMF808 20.05.2024 1

Basic Wavez (Bound to Divide) preset packs

Any/all of the Diva and Serum packs please

Libraries badgerboy 19.05.2024 1

Propellerheads Recycle 2.24

With working serial. Many thanks.

Software willieraylewis 19.05.2024 1

Tube-Tech SMC 2B

Tube-Tech SMC 2B

Software M1CKOJA 19.05.2024 1
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