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Mixed In Key Captain Plugins 5 VST Win

Captain Plugins 5 Award-winning AU + VST plugins for music composition.
Available on Mac and Windows. Use Captain Plugins to write your own Chord Progressions, Hooks, Melodies and Basslines and export to your DAW.

Software hosnschortn 27.09.2021 0

Dada Life - Endless Smile & Sausage Fattener

Latest version is
Endless Smile : 1.0.7
Sausage Fattener :1.2.1

official URL is


Software Agehasandayo 26.09.2021 0

Plughugger Dark Aether

Dark Aether is an ambient soundset inspired by the mellow tones from the 70s and 80s, all the way to modern times with electric keys, moody textures, dark synth strings and synths badly out of tune.
dark, strange and moody
dark aether is the analog sound of ambient
for the elektron analog four
With Dark Aether we made the sounds to feel like they were recorded by a huge analog modular back in the 70s, captured by a slightly broken recording machine with a worn out tape.

Apart from pads, textures and synth sounds, we have added a handful of synthesized drum sounds, making Dark Aether a soundset you can create an entire ambient production with.

Dark Aether contains 150 new sounds:

50 Lead / Synth / Keyboard sounds
25 Textures / Soundscapes
10 Bass sounds
34 Pads / Synth Strings
22 Drum / Percussion
9 Effects

The soundset comes with clear instructions how to install the sounds to your Analog Four / Keys.

Name: Dark Aether.
Requirements: Elektron Analog Four / Keys.
Number of sounds: 150.
Format: Elektron format.
Style: Ambient, Laid-Back Electronica

Libraries Broeliyoek 26.09.2021 0

Best Service Ancient ERA Persia

Libraries john kori 26.09.2021 1

Best Service Ancient ERA Persia

Libraries john kori 26.09.2021 1

Best Service Ancient ERA Persia

Libraries john kori 26.09.2021 1

Persian Era

Libraries john kori 26.09.2021 1

Ultraviolet Omnisphere


Libraries Jawad 23.09.2021 0

The Workbench

Alex Pfeffer

Libraries Jawad 23.09.2021 0

quest for groove

quest for groove

Lerning royal 22.09.2021 0

TC Powercore Plugins for powercore

Software nuel2001 22.09.2021 0

Jakik - Loop Capsule Vol. 1

Libraries bndtluce 21.09.2021 0

Ancient Era Persia

Libraries john kori 20.09.2021 2

Ancient Era Persia

Libraries john kori 20.09.2021 1

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.2.4 for Windows

Software jazzman21 19.09.2021 1


Libraries Sebastian V 18.09.2021 0

Bluezone Tribal Techno

Libraries labtekdnb 18.09.2021 0

Waves Complete V9 10.7.2017 WiN OSX-iND

Waves Complete V9 10.7.2017 WiN OSX-iND
please re-upload

Software groovewerks 16.09.2021 1

Roland SRX PIANO I & II for Windows


Based on Concert Piano, the second title in the legacy SRX wave expansion board series, SRX PIANO I presents an exquisite stereo-sampled concert piano for composition, recording, and performance. All samples were taken from a single, extremely rare and elegant European piano, with the finest mics and converters used to faithfully preserve its soft, delicate voice and natural resonance.


Based on Complete Piano, the eleventh title in the legacy SRX wave expansion board series, SRX PIANO II presents a single, stunning 88-note acoustic grand. Sampled specifically for the original board, every note of this world-class piano was meticulously recorded in high-resolution stereo, with four-way velocity switching and other nuances. Offering expressive playability with clear tone, bright harmonics, and ultra-wide dynamic range, this inspiring instrument is ideal for virtually all musical styles.

Software paceman2g 15.09.2021 2

reMIDI 2

Software qcgermanboy 15.09.2021 1
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