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Title Category Author Date

Analog Plugin Extensions for NAM/PROTEUS ANy and All of them

heres the website

Libraries BullShane 12.07.2024 1

Ooga Sample Pack Vol. 1

Libraries wordlyfe 11.07.2024 0

madenka platinum drum kit

Libraries wikita 11.07.2024 0


Software Djciso Cdmx 11.07.2024 0

WALL Pro Academy! With Afrojack

Could you please upload with sub in spanish, please!


Lerning FIIVO55 10.07.2024 2


Libraries soconi32 09.07.2024 1

WALL Pro Academy! With Afrojack

Lerning FIIVO55 09.07.2024 2

WAVES Complete Bundle Mac OSX 6.24.24

Keygen available but not software

Libraries jkollmer1 08.07.2024 0

Auto-Tune Pro 11

Auto-Tune Pro 11 is the most advanced Auto-Tune edition ever. Featuring Auto Mode for real-time correction, a 4-part harmony player, and Graph Mode for detailed pitch and time editing. Runs natively on Apple Silicon and offers ARA2 support for Logic, Studio One and Cubase/Nuendo.

Software MrGarr 05.07.2024 3

Atlas 2 Expansions

Software Ketch50 04.07.2024 2

UVI Quadra Modular

Quadra Modular is a powerful 4-part multi-instrument and sequence designer, ideal for the creation of dynamic, rhythmic, and evolving sequences utilizing an incredible selection of patches created on a wide range of modular synthesizers, from vintage to modern, stand-alone to fully customized and purpose-built systems. We approached recording these beasts as if they were acoustic instruments, creating discrete velocity layers and round-robins in order to capture their organic soul.
Quadra is a versatile instrument, capable of a wide range of sounds and uses from standard fare instrumentation to evolving, complex, and adaptive progressions and harmonizations that can be morphed and performed in numerous ways to suit the needs of your production. With a masterful selection of hundreds of professionally designed presets, Quadra offers incredible sound quality and near endless inspiration on-demand.

Software Ketch50 04.07.2024 3

Start All Back v3.7.10

Software nuel2001 04.07.2024 2


Revolutionize the way you produce Techno with 8.100+ Techno Samples, Presets, Vocals, Drums & more from 28 Brand-New Sample Packs. Handcrafted by some of the best Techno producers in the scene to level up your production to the quality of the pros.

Covering all the modern styles of Techno including Bigroom, Industrial, Melodic Techno, Hard Techno, Hyper Techno, Peaktime, Schranz, Acid & more, this pack will allow you to combine sub-genres, innovate your signature style, sound like the pros, and spark endless inspiration.

What makes this collection a must-have?

8100+ Files / 14 GB
28 Brand new Sample Packs
920+ Unreleased Presets (Serum, Vital, Sylenth1, Spire)
200+ Stemmed Drum Loops (1250+ Total Drum Loops)
10+ FL Studio Project Files
Every Type Of Techno Kick (Rumble, Reverse Bass, Schranz)
Melodic Files, MIDI, Synth Loops, Bass Loops, Bass Oneshots
Predrop Vocals, AI Vocals, Vocal Loops
& so much more...

Libraries Drifty 03.07.2024 4

Rob Late The Producer Blueprint 2.0

Transform your sound with my proven music production workflows. Learn to create competitive music from a home studio setup.

Follow my blueprint that took me from bedroom producer to working with a-list artists.

Demystify the process and quickly build the skills to start progressing towards the top of the industry.

THE PRODUCER BLUEPRINT is the gold standard of music production courses designed with the modern producer in mind.

An in-depth and exclusive front row seat to Rob Late's production world that teaches you not only how to make industry leading music, but how to use those skills in the real world and develop a lasting career.


Lerning faultysteam 02.07.2024 3

Vocal Roads - Chart Topping Female House Vocal

Vocal Roads - Chart Topping Female House Vocal

Libraries lion0987 02.07.2024 2

harmonia e melodia by dj perera download

Lerning WESLEY ROCHA 01.07.2024 2


Software ekmusic 01.07.2024 1

Varispeed 4 for Ableton Live (MFL Device)

Software sasi rajput 01.07.2024 3

Varispeed 4

Varispeed 4 for Ableton Live (MFL Device) by Elisabeth Homeland

Software sasi rajput 01.07.2024 2



Libraries Jawad 01.07.2024 1
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