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Title Category Author Date

Kingsway curiosity vol. 1

Libraries soccerfan104 21.04.2021 0

Kingsway t.y.jake vol 1

please help if possible

Libraries soccerfan104 21.04.2021 0

t.y.jake vol 1

Libraries soccerfan104 21.04.2021 0

FabFilter Pro-Q 2

Software sptndc 20.04.2021 1

Psy Trance Presets ands samples

Libraries misterfix 19.04.2021 0

REQ: JTC - Luca Mantovanelli Groove And Timing Masterclass Vol.1

Lerning cordboiled 18.04.2021 0

Producers Vault -Latin Urban VSTi 2.8 MAC AU and VST

The Most sought after sounds, Synths, Real Instruments, Orchestra Hits, Strings, and Drum kits ever assembled together for Urban Latin music availble now with this easy to use plugin workstation.

Instant inspiration for the production and arrangement of Reggaeton old school and Modern, Freestyle, Latin EDM and Hip Hop, Mambo Urbano, Merengue de la Calle, Salsa Urbana, Salsa Choke, Bachata, Cumbia, Kizomba, Tribal or any Fusion with Latin Music Flavour.

Libraries DJMAMBO 18.04.2021 0

Rachel collier masterclass

Lerning mau5head 18.04.2021 0

Geortz Sauce Drum kits

Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3

Libraries Shadman 18.04.2021 1

Bx_Limiter true Peak

This plugin is included in our MEGA, MIX & MASTER, ESSENTIAL, and Brainworx Bundle at no extra cost!

The first true peak limiter you will love listening to
bx_limiter TP (True Peak) from Brainworx is a completely new design, crafted to avoid the shortcomings of existing true peak limiters. Use it to confidently hit your loudness targets without leaving behind any distortion-inducing inter-sample peaks, and without compromising on the sound quality of your masters.

Designed from the ground up to be the ideal true peak limiter
Until now, most digital limiters that include a true peak mode have simply added it on as an afterthought. This has left a lot to be desired, with users complaining about unstable low end, compromised stereo imaging, harsh artifacts, and smeared transients. But with the bx_limiter TP, Brainworx has taken a new approach, designing the TP algorithm from scratch to make it perform and sound better than other digital limiters - while also eliminating troublesome inter-sample peaks for even cleaner results.

Selective Oversampling - two years in development!
With input and feedback from top mastering engineers around the world, Dirk Ulrich and the Brainworx engineers packed bx_limiter TP with new technology and new controls. It relies on “Selective Oversampling” (SOS), to employ oversampling only where it actually improves the signal, and to avoid it where it has been found to compromise the sound. Coupled with its “Advanced Look-Ahead” design and its incredible speed, it is able to deliver tighter, more accurate low end and better stereo imaging than any other true peak limiter around, even at extreme settings. And it is a true rockstar in preserving transients while increasing density and loudness. Punchy, loud & clear!

A complement of extra controls for enhanced final sweetening
The bx_limiter TP does more than just limiting peaks. It also includes simple yet powerful tools to add the finishing touches of sweetening, for a more perfect master. Onboard low and high pass filters help control the extremes, while proprietary “XL” saturation and “Foundation” filters can be used to add subtle degrees of heft, weight, tightness, or clarity to fine-tune the sound of your master. This is particularly important as it allows you to constantly adjust the vibe of your master while you’re turning up the volume to get to a competitive loudness. Even small details like a negative gain control have been implemented, which comes in handy when you have to correct mixes that suffer from less-than-ideal gain staging quickly and efficiently.

More metering than your average limiter
Also included is a suite of essential metering and monitoring options to help you better understand what’s going on within your audio. In addition to the traditional level and gain reduction meters, the bx_limiter True Peak includes a customizable loudness meter for hitting specific loudness targets, a correlation meter for checking phase coherence, and the ability to monitor the center, sides, and L/R channels separately – even soloed in place.

Software Ketch50 17.04.2021 0

Super Bundle

Libraries kikolmx 16.04.2021 0

Luxonix plugins for mac AU

I will be greatful for this one. Ravity S - Ravity R - Purity

Software synthfreekz 16.04.2021 0

The Firebeatz Producer Pack V.1

Libraries MattPosch 14.04.2021 3

Freaky Loops French Fries

Libraries darkstar441 13.04.2021 0

The Rucker Collective 048: Duality

Off link :

Libraries roms53 12.04.2021 0

Drill Of Africa

120 Loops, 80 Drum One-Shots and 40+ MIDI

Libraries vano 11.04.2021 0

Drill Of Africa

120 Loops, 80 Drum One-Shots and 40+ MIDI

Libraries vano 11.04.2021 0

Josh Butler - (UNCUT) FADERPRO

Lerning FILLA UK 11.04.2021 0


I need this drums library, especially the Midi Files


Libraries carredon 10.04.2021 1

Riemann Berlin Techno 4

Libraries nomercy123 10.04.2021 5
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