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Title Category Author Date

legendary filter bank

Software schejaz 01.10.2022 0

felt instruments

legendary filter bank

Software schejaz 01.10.2022 0

Unison Sound Doctor

Software MattPosch 30.09.2022 0


Lerning MattPosch 30.09.2022 2

LANDR FX For Windows Plzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!

The LANDR FX plugin suite grants instant access to tried and true mixing techniques, versatile presets for all styles and genres, and powerful audio processing.

Software Fonk 28.09.2022 0

UAD Spark

Do it

Software ekmusic 27.09.2022 0

Melodic Techno Track from Start to Finish Vol. 2

Lerning 20gram 27.09.2022 0

Toontrack Hitmaker SDX

Libraries jazzman21 27.09.2022 1

KIT plugins BB Mo-Q

Software jazzman21 27.09.2022 0

KIT plugins BB N105 V2 Channel Strip

Software jazzman21 27.09.2022 0


Very Beautiful Virtual Pianist..!

Software trespass 25.09.2022 1

Cooper Carter - Fractal FM3 Masterclass


With the FM3, Fractal Audio Systems packs more power and a greater range of vintage, modern, and all-new tones into a smaller footprint than ever before.

In this 13+ hour course, Cooper Carter takes you deep into this mighty floorboard, showing you how to recreate classic sounds, sculpt your own tones, build presets, and dial in effects quickly and with confidence. Along the way he shares tips and tricks developed over years of working in the studio and onstage with bands like Metallica, Journey, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Dream Theater, and more more who rely on Fractal night after night for their tone.

From first steps for beginners, through intermediate topics, to advanced techniques, you will learn to build and control your own custom virtual rigs in detail.

Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, or another instrumentalist looking to expand your sonic toolkit, this class is your definitive road-map to the present and future of your tone with the world's most powerful and compact guitar processor: the FM3.

The studio pass grants unlimited streaming access to all lesson modules and downloads of the presets, tone matches, and layouts created during the class.

Lerning JiriRATM 23.09.2022 2

URBANISTIC Balkan Sax Beatz

Libraries bandidoshkr 21.09.2022 1

Producer Loops Melodeep - Modern House and Melodic Techno

Producer Loops presents 'Melodeep'. This pristine pack delves deep into the unchartered landscapes of Modern House and Melodic Techno. Growling basslines provide focus, while a vast array of vocal chops, ethereal pads, keys, arps and endlessly useable percussion fill out the remaining elements of this pack's glistening audio spectrum.

Libraries arbit 20.09.2022 1

Rattly and Raw - The Celebrated Fictional Mega Organ Of Steamlord Cornelius (Kontakt)

This instrument is a multi-layered beast that has 50 incredible voices, including: genuine ship horns, calliopes, tigers, whales, screams, metal guitar, sax, contrabassoon, car horns and many many more.

Libraries Antitone 18.09.2022 0

the playah hardcore kick configurator

Brand-new Hardcore Kick Configurator for Native Instruments Kontakt Full edition 5.6 and newer versions.
Developed and coded by Tha Playah and Lussive Audio, for Hardcore Producers around the globe.

Including 25 of the most sickest kicks and over 100 twisted layers to upset the established order.
Create kickdrum chaos, that will put a smile on that face!

You can also load your own samples by replacing the default or the custom kick layers and use the instrument to speed up your workflow.

Software norreyy 18.09.2022 0

Cataract 2.0

Cataract 2.0 is a segment multiplexer plugin geared toward electronic music production and experimental sound design.

Cataract features an arsenal of sample scanners with various integrated effects and a global parameter sequencer that allows you to step sequence nearly every parameter of the plugin. Version 2.0 gives Cataract a total overhaul, integrating countless refinements while significantly streamlining the redesigned interface and adding exciting new features such as the FX module and its dedicated sequencer.

With its two dual Sample Scanners, X-MOD Morpher, Global Parameter Sequencer, Scan Sequencers, Effects Sequencers, Effects & Dynamics Processors, LFOs, Global Randomizer, specially curated Factory Sample Bank and 100 Factory Presets, Cataract 2.0 constructs architecturally complex patterns ranging from nuanced percussive articulations to intricate particle sound effects and all out generative hyper glitch chaos.

Software Montez 17.09.2022 0

Pure Mix- Michael Brauer The Evolution From Analog to Digital "Brauerize

Pure Mix- Michael Brauer The Evolution From Analog to Digital "Brauerize

This would be a great one to have.

Lerning JMF808 17.09.2022 4

Audio Imperia JAEGER v1.3.0 KONTAKT

Libraries ssp 15.09.2022 0

Parawave Rapid Synth + extensions

Libraries kryo1272 14.09.2022 0
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