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SKU 57Boom Bap Dynasty

Libraries jonasvega234 24.02.2021 1

Production Music Live - PML - Percussive Afro House

Including 3 Fully Produced Tracks as Ableton Projects, 30 meticulously crafted Ableton Instruments (no third party software required), a Sample pack of 150 one hits, 60+ MIDI files, and 140+ Loops + More!

Lerning addy123 23.02.2021 0

Audioreakt Wavetable techno bank 2 & operator

Hey I see on this website the aurdioreakt wavetable 1 but the 2 is really more amazing and the one for operator too.

Libraries tibo57350 23.02.2021 0

FrankieOnTheGuitar – Keep It G (Guitar Loop Kit)

40 Custom made guitar loops created by FRANKIEONTHEGUITAR of Internet Money.

Libraries killnxck 22.02.2021 1

DNB Academy Icicle Start-To-Finish Course

Never been done before: Icicle teaching production using Vital

Icicle is one of the most established and technically advanced producers in the Drum & Bass world. Consistently pushing the boundaries for years, he’s showcased techniques using the new Vital synth to bring a fresh perspective into music production.

Gain access to deep insight on his productions with 4+Hours of video as he explains his workflow for topics like drum synthesis, advanced bass synthesis, post processing, resampling, arrangements, composition, mixing, and mastering.

He walks you through his production process start-to-finish in Ableton and teaches you how to produce a professional drum & bass track from scratch with all of the project files included.

If you ever wanted to learn how to produce a deep techy DNB track with one of the best producers in the world through a logical structured & high quality course the you’ve come to the right place.

Lerning Dekoyviceroy 21.02.2021 0

Ableton Live Suite 11

Any version of the new edition of Ableton Live 11

Software jus3sixty 21.02.2021 0

Boom Library - Wetlands - Stereo

Libraries sonicgeekery 21.02.2021 0

Sound Ideas - Cars SFX

Libraries sonicgeekery 21.02.2021 0

Boom Library - Canyons - Surround

Libraries sonicgeekery 21.02.2021 0


Libraries sonicgeekery 21.02.2021 0 - STEVIE MACKEY TEACHES Sing Anything Like A Pro

Lerning qcgermanboy 20.02.2021 1 - KYGO TEACHES Electronic Music Production

Lerning qcgermanboy 20.02.2021 1

Nugen Audio Paragon (for Mac)

Software gazzatorrent 19.02.2021 0

Nugen Audio Paragon

Software gazzatorrent 19.02.2021 0

Start to Finish: Jacquire King - Episode 14 - 15 (

Lerning qcgermanboy 17.02.2021 1


Lerning qcgermanboy 17.02.2021 2

PML - Woodlands Vol. 1 - Organic House Sample Pack

About Woodlands Vol.1 // organic house

Add some real organic crunch into your productions, full of life, texture and experimental groove. This collection of samples will work beautifully in a range of genres from Organic House to Electronica, Techno and film score production.

Inspired by the electronica and inelegant dance music of Tourist and Bonobo, this futuristic sample library complements the full spectrum of electronic music and is set to become an essential music-making tool, whether you produce House, Electronica, Trip Hop or Film Scores.

Woodlands Vol.1 works with every DAW. No specific software needed.

Libraries antop 16.02.2021 0

Plugin Alliance Bx_2098 EQ

Inspired by the famous Amek 9098 EQ with the addition of Brainworx' patented TMT and M/S processing.

Software Ketch50 16.02.2021 0

Isaiah Valmont – Yo Zay Waddup Vol. 1 (Loop Kit)

Libraries killnxck 16.02.2021 0

51 handcrafted melodies from Isaiah Valmont of Internet Money.

Libraries killnxck 16.02.2021 1
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