Lynda Learning Modular Synthesis: Eurorack Expansion [TUTORiAL]

Lynda Learning Modular Synthesis: Eurorack Expansion
P2P | 04 July 2017 | 3.47 GB
You have a small core modular or semi-modular synth, and you're wondering: What should I add next to grow the capabilities of my system? And how can I get the most out of what I buy? In this extensive course, synth designer Chris Meyer reveals the important utility or "glue" modules you need to expand a core system such as a Moog Mother-32, and then explores a selection of the wide range of modules available in the Eurorack modular synthesizer format.

Each chapter on a module type—such as oscillators, filters, modulators, and more—starts with a general movie showing you what features to look for in a module and how to patch it into your system, and then dives into three contrasting, representative examples of modules available inside that category. Along the way, Chris reveals a wide variety of synthesis tricks and techniques for the performer or sound designer, with styles ranging from melodic to dance to noise/industrial.

This course has been designed as the logical follow-up to the original Learning Modular Synthesis or Learning Modular Synthesis: Moog Mother-32 courses, and should be helpful to a wide range of modular synthesists.

Topics include:

  • Shopping for modules more intelligently, with a better understanding of what features, options, and sound possibilities to look for
    Interfacing your modular with the rest of your studio, including MIDI and sound connections
  • Reading waveform and spectrograph displays to better understand what each module is doing in your system, and how that translates to the sound that you hear
  • Creating new timbres using and combining both East and West Coast techniques, employing creative waveform mixing, frequency and amplitude modulation, soft and hard sync, waveshaping, and more
  • Managing audio levels to balance your desired amount of predictability and fidelity versus instability and distortion in a patch
  • Taking advantage of additional MIDI and CV controls to more interactively perform your modular patch, including managing control voltage levels to dial in the desired result

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