Ask Video Ableton Live FastTrack 304: The Art of Drum Programming II [TUTORiAL]

Ask Video Ableton Live FastTrack 304: The Art of Drum Programming II
SYNTHiC4TE | 05 July 2017 | 160 MB
In this 2nd, and more advanced, course of The Art of Drum Programming, Ableton Live Certified DJ Kiva reveals creative techniques for editing and manipulating beats. Watch this course, and get deep into the art of beat making!

You learned the fundamentals of programming beats in the first Art of Drum Programming course, and you’re now hungry for more? Join DJ Kiva as he explores the unveiled depth of drum programming. Let him take you into uncharted beat-making territories!

The course begins with an in-depth look at Live’s warping and transient modes. Kiva reveals exactly how these features can completely transform your drum loops by making them sound tighter, dirtier, grittier … and even transform them into abstract rhythm textures if you wish so. With lots of in-action examples, Kiva teaches how to create DJ-style and glitch effects, and explains why all beat makers should know about clip envelopes, sample offset modulation, time stretching and resampling. But that’s not all! You also learn drum slicing tips for creating brand new material out of drum loops, and innovative MIDI techniques and FX that are guaranteed to propel your beats to that next level. The course concludes with a practical musical example using all techniques covered in the course.

So what are you waiting for? Launch Ableton Live, and get ready to master the mystical art of drum programming with beat-making wizard DJ Kiva!

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