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Lucid Samples 1000 SFX Production Tools Vol 3 [WAV]

Lucid Samples 1000 SFX Production Tools Vol 3
P2P | 06 July 2017 | 1.25 GB
We proudly present the third part of 1000 SFX Production Tools series, which not without a reason was embraced with your appreciation and became one of your most frequent choices. It's a great prize for us and in the same time a motivation to do something more and as a result we collected another set of a thousand high quality sound effects. We are very excited to share this masterpiece with you. It's also a capstone of our current experience and ripeness in sound creation. Now this experience can result in your further work as a music producer, sound engineer, sound designer and dj.

1000 SFX Production Tools Vol. 3 unlike the previous parts contains much more effects dedicated to modern electronic dance music production/ EDM and also essential cinematic reverse, dark reverse, mysterious, power up, power down, fast motion fx, freq shifter fx, instrumental fx, scratching effects and more. This set also contains some ambience sounds like many different sounds of alarms and other signals, bomb explosions, crowds of people, applauses and shouts, gunshots, car sounds and others. To sum up, 1000 SFX Production Tools Vol. 3 is an exceptional collection of high quality sounds of a wide spectrum of usage.


- 1000 marvelous quality sound effects
- Wide range of usage
- Wide selection of many different sounds
- Intuitively catalogued files
- Contains long ambience samples which build music atmosphere
- Contains essential effects for EDM/ House/ Techno producers
- Size: 1.94 GB after unpacking
- Format: 24 bit/ 44.1 kHz wav

Content of 1000 SFX Production Tools Vol. 3:

  • 32 Ambience
  • 248 Clubsounds
  • 16 Downfilters
  • 24 Explosions
  • 27 Fast Motion FX
  • 102 Freq Shifter FX
  • 56 Instrumental FX
  • 191 Misc Sounds
  • 46 Mysterious
  • 45 Noise FX
  • 21 Power Down
  • 19 Power Up
  • 69 Reverse FX
  • 18 Sci-Fi
  • 50 Scratching FX
  • 17 Upfilters
  • 19 Various FX

► Ambience: long sounds of noise atmospheres, metallic atmospheres, mystical ambience, sub bass ambience.

► Clubsounds: 16 crash fx, 12 downfilter fx, 50 edm fx sounds, 24 hits, 5 lasers, 14 noise fx, 28 reverse fx, 32 scratch fx, 11 sweep fx, 31 trance sounds, 25 upfilter fx.

► Misc Sounds: alarms & horns, bomb explosions, car crash, crowds, applause, guns, miscs

► Reverse FX: outstanding cinematic & dark reverse effects, long reverb reverse effects, dry reverse sounds

In total: 1000 high quality sounds
Size: 1,94 GB unzipped content
Format: 24 bit/ 44.1 kHz wav

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EDM, Cinematic


  • Olric
    24 September 2021 11:07
    • Part two and maybe tree is missing
  • crossbeat
    24 September 2021 11:35
    • Quote: Olric
      Part two and maybe tree is missing

      Fixed! Thanks!


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