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ADPTR AUDIO MetricAB v1.2.0 / v1.3.0 [WiN, MacOSX]

WiN: Team R2R | 23 August 2020 | 19 MB
MAC: SPTNDC | 28 May 2021 | 60 MB
The Metric AB plugin enables you to compare your mix to any reference mix with a simple click of the A/B button.

It is designed to provide you with a clear, intuitive workflow and unique analysis tools. Welcome to the new standard in mix referencing. Just put it on your master channel and switch between your actual mix and CD or iTunes mixes by your favorite engineers and bands, other versions of your mix, etc.

Drag and drop up to 16 reference tracks into Metric AB and take advantage of features such as instant volume matching, cue and loop functions and various monitoring modes. Playback of your reference mixes can be synced with your DAW to create the perfect workflow.

Get technical with more advanced features including multiple analysis modes (spectrum, correlation, stereo image) and industry compliant LUFS loudness and dynamics metering. With Metric AB on your master buss you get all the data you need about your mix and reference audio simultaneously.

Metric AB will play back various formats, like WAV, MP3, AIFF and FLAC! All from within your mix session.

Just put it on your master buss after all the processing plugins you use (limiters, EQs, etc.).

Metric AB offers professional LUFS metering, so it's the perfect buddy for bx_masterdesk and other mastering solutions!

Version 1.2 (Feb 28, 2020)

- Added notarization support for macOS Catalina
- Fixed preset incompatibilities with 1.1.0
- Fixed default user settings being reset after launching a new instance of the plugin
- Corrected version number in plugin alliance Toolbar
- Settings window tidy up
- Fixed potential crash when validating the plugin in Logic

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  • stefb
    8 May 2020 17:27
    • .rar can't be opened on mac with the unarchiver. Tried with terminal brew but didn't work

      Quote: stefb
      .rar can't be opened on mac with the unarchiver. Tried with terminal brew but didn't work

      sorry, managed to make it work.


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