Ask Video Dance Music Sound Design 302: Lead Synths Advanced [TUTORiAL]

Ask Video Dance Music Sound Design 302: Lead Synths Advanced
SYNTHiC4TE | 28 July 2017 | 141 MB
Adam Pollard is back with plenty of advanced synthesis tips to help you design better Dance Music lead synth sounds. Join him, and get ready to take your EDM leads from good to outstanding!

Do you find that your lead sounds are lacking depth, dimension, or are not expressive enough? In this 21-tutorial course, dance music expert Adam Pollard (aka Multiplier) shares advanced techniques that are guaranteed to take your lead sounds to the next level… and vastly improve your synthesis knowledge!

Adam begins by looking at the importance of understanding harmonics and waveforms, and how these concepts relate to creating amazing lead sounds. Using various synths, he shows you innovative ways to make your patches more expressive with velocity, aftertouch, and keytracking. Adam also reveals less known techniques (such as microtuning, hard syncing, modular synthesis, advanced unison and portamento modes…) that are useful for creating cutting-edge leads.

By watching this course, you will also learn:

  • Why waveforms and filters are not all created equal.
  • What is wavefolding and how you can use it to add character to your sounds.
  • How to add rhythmic interest and more depth to your leads.
  • How to take Chorus to the extreme.
  • What is Harmonic Content Morphing, and how to create a patch from scratch using it.

and more!

So get your favorite synth ready, and watch this info-packed course by synthesis expert Adam Pollard. After watching these tutorials, you will have the knowledge and inspiration needed to design mind-blowing lead sounds!

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