Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Complete v2.5.1 [WiN]

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Complete
Team R2R | 10 November 2022 | 1.83 GB
Completely Re-Engineered
Completely re-engineered, higher-resolution DSP engine—with hundreds of improvements—delivers the ultimate in responsive, detailed and varied guitar tones.

Hyper-realistic Guitar Match
Positive Grid’s newly developed, exclusive Guitar Match and emulation technologies virtually turn your guitar into another with startling realism.

New Amps, Pedals & Racks
An extensive collection of all-new and revamped amps, pedals and HD racks adds unparalleled depth and width to your guitar tones.

Stunning Advanced Modelers
All-new Fuzz, Time and Harmonizer modelers pump up your productions with exciting, unique guitar tones and effects.

BIAS FX 2 Elite

  • The ultimate in guitar amplifier and effects processing.
  • Everything in Professional plus:
  • 100 New Amplifiers Total
  • 100 New Effects Total
  • 200 New Factory Presets Total
  • Guitar Match - Elite (18 Guitars)
  • New HD Racks (8 New Racks Total)
  • New Fuzz Modeler
  • New Time Modeler
  • New Harmonizer Modeler
  • BIAS Pedal Distortion, Delay, Modulation
  • Create and Download Thousands of Pedals on ToneCloud®

Team R2R Note: (v2.5.0)
A witch says,

Enjoy this true RSA2048/4096 keygen!

* BIAS FX 2 Elite
* Acoustic Expansion Pack
* Bass Expansion Pack
* Metal Signature Pack
* Celestion Classic Pack
* Celestion Modern Vintage Pack
* Experience Jimi Hendrix
* Omnyss
* All BIAS Pedals Packs

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  • katsuko-san
    12 November 2019 07:16
    • Password? Thanks
  • Legend
    12 November 2019 12:04
    • Quote: katsuko-san
      Password? Thanks

      no need password, update your winrar
  • katsuko-san
    13 November 2019 18:46
    • You're right. Thanks!

      Btw, here is a script I wrote to block incoming connections for this plugin. Copy-paste in notepad, save it as ".bat" and run it.

  • Logically10
    16 April 2021 05:06
    • Does the script allow you to use the plugin? I mean get past the screen asking for a log in?


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