Groove3 Expanding Your Studio with Vienna Ensemble Pro [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 Expanding Your Studio with Vienna Ensemble Pro
SYNTHiC4TE | 07 October 2019 | 397 MB
Gary Hiebner delivers a detailed collection of Vienna Ensemble Pro video tutorials! See how to configure and use Vienna Ensemble Pro as a tool to expand your studio, when you start running out of resources on your main machine and or want more soundware options. This series is great for those new to using Vienna Ensemble Pro as a network machine and those who want to go deeper into VEPro.

Gary starts off describing ways to utilize Vienna Ensemble Pro in your studio, then gives a play-through of the song that will be used as performance gauge throughout the videos. Next, you'll learn all about Single and Multi Instrument Instances, mixing them and connecting to your DAW, plus important hardware considerations for setting VEPro between multiple computers on a network.

Moving on, you'll learn all about Slave Server Machine Network Configurations, ways to use the Remote Desktop Protocol with an External Machine, how to connect to a VEPro Server on a Slave Machine, using Multiple VEPro servers, setting up Multi-Output Instruments, the difference between Preserved and Coupled Instances, disabling Instruments & Instances via Automation, and much, much more!

To see what these in-depth Vienna Ensemble Pro tutorials show you, and how they'll enable you to use VEPro as a processing powerhouse in your studio see the individual Vienna Ensemble Pro video tutorial descriptions on this page. If you want to see what Vienna Ensemble Pro can do for your studio and productions, this is the one to watch... checkout “Expanding Your Studio with Vienna Ensemble Pro" today!

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