Arturia Presets Daft Tribute UNLOCKED [Synth Presets]

Arturia Presets Daft Tribute UNLOCKED
P2P | 15 October 2019 | 203.84 KB
For over 25 years, the French electronic duo have been remixing, reworking, and reinventing the music world around them, revamping house music, dance, pop, and funk along the way.

While carefully chosen and masterfully manipulated samples have become their signature, their expert use of synths and keyboards really helped put them on the musical map. Using CZ V, CMI V, Prophet V, Synclavier V, as well as Arturia's powerful dual-engine synth Pigments, sound designer Simon Gallifet has recreated many of the classic Daft Punk sounds for you to enjoy and make your own. Alive, Oh Yeah, Around The World, Short Circuit, Burnin, and many more classic tracks have been deconstructed, isolated, and recreated with expert precision. Just load up Analog Lab, grab Daft Tribute, and you can start playing, tweaking, and personalizing 32 iconic sounds to use in your own tracks.

32 presets for Analog Lab / Prophet V / Pigments / CMI V / CZ V


extract the archive into
Win - C:\ProgramData\Arturia\
Mac - Library\Arturia\

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  • Zipppo
    17 October 2019 21:13
    • Thanks for the Arturia presets. It's a pity that for a lot of preset packs the Samples folder is missing, which means the presets depending on those samples are not working.
  • MrBibbyBobby
    29 January 2020 17:56
    • Is there any way we can get the missing samples that go along with the CMI presets? Many thanks!


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