Plughugger Operator One [Synth Presets]

Plughugger Operator One
P2P | 20 October 2019 | 55.4 MB
Operator One is the 8th soundset in our series of soundsets for Omnisphere 2 where we take an iconic synthesizer, record the most important aspects of it, and recreate its characteristics in Omnisphere.

For this soundset we took a look at another synthesizer from Sweden, and this is the one most people connect with beards, tattoos and striped flannel shirts. The OP1 from Teenage Engineering is probably regarded as the hipster synth number one, and it's a synthesizer that has a devoted following. Apart from it's cool design, it's a very quirky synthesizer with lots of character.

Operator one is based on the synthetic-organic waveforms from the teenage engineering op1

We recorded waveforms from the most simple to the complex and advanced, and even recorded a handful of sounds using (and misusing) the effect section.

All sounds were recorded from the OP1 manually without connecting it to the computer via usb - that way we got rid of the dreaded usb noise - but naturally we couldn't resist recording the noise separately as an alternative noise waveform.

Apart from with the single presets, we also combined another 51 sounds into complex multisounds.

Operator One contains 220 sounds in the following categories:​

43 Arpeggios/Sequences
17 Drum / Percussion
12 Effect / Hits
18 Pads / Synth strings
35 Bass sounds
28 Synth sounds
16 Textures and soundscapes
51 Multi sounds

Plus 96 INIT sounds for each soundsource available in Operator One (many of them are variations of the same sound).

Name: Operator One.
Requirements: Omnisphere 2.6.
Number of sounds: 220 (169 singles + 51 multis).
Format: Omnisphere 2.6 format.

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