Groove3 Sylenth Making a Track [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 Sylenth Making a Track
SYNTHiC4TE | 24 November 2019 | 376 MB
Soundsmith Fabio Lendrum delivers to you a Sylenth sound design video tutorial series! If you want to explore Sylenth's sound design capabilities and features, as well as how it can be used to make a full production from scratch, this video series is for you. Fabio shows how to create all the tracks necessary for a complete song from a blank preset, including how to layer and arrange them for a professional, finished sound. The Sylenth presets created in the video series are also included so you can experiment with them on your own. This series is designed for those who have some Sylenth experience, but want more advanced sound design ideas and production tips.

Fabio greets you and gives a brief overview of the course and the topics that will be covered in the video tutorials, followed by "kicking" things off with the kick drum, using simple but effective Synth techniques to create a great bass drum sound. Hats, Snares, Toms, Cymbals and Claps round out the percussion elements of the song, and you'll see and hear how to make them all step by step with Sylenth's powerful sound design features and parameters.

Moving on, you'll then learn how to program your new drum sounds into a unique groove with complimenting interaction between the different drum patches. The all-mighty Bass patch is then created, as well as a killer lead and an arpeggiated 16th note sequence, rounding out the melodic elements of the track. Strings and chords are then added for more harmonic support, followed by how to make an uplifting riser and impact presets to add excitement to the song.

Last but not least, Fabio demonstrates how to finish the arrangement and the various track's structure in order to guide the listener to the end, without loss of their attention, and also gives you 2 videos on creative layering with Sylenth's stock sounds for additional dimensionality.

To see what these Sylenth sound design tutorials teach you, and how they will open your eyes to Sylenth's powerful synthesis features and cool music production ideas, see the individual Sylenth sound design video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn to make your own sounds and productions with Sylenth today... Watch “Sylenth: Making a Track" now!

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