Ana2morphosis [Synth Presets]

P2P | 10 December 2019 | 627 MB
Ana²morphosis, is an all new Expansion Pack for Sonic Academy’s ANA 2 software synthesizer. Unlike previous ANA 2 soundset releases, Ana²morphosis takes ANA 2 into the realm of ambient music. From lush ethereal soundscapes and evolving atmospheres of nature, to the far reaches of outer space and astral realms beyond.

Ana²morphosis includes all new wave-forms, wave-tables, and a selection of sampled content that give life to 100 available presets in 12 different categories. This release also includes a new Graphic User Interface. Cosmic is a Dark Ambient Space Theme that features Glowing Buttons, Nebular Panels, Starry Backgrounds, Retro FX Knobs, and 3D Sliders …Wave-tables Morphing in Space!

Sound Presets:

Ana²morphosis comes with 100 presets that span 12 categories; Atmosphere, Bass, Bells, FX, Keys, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Poly, Rhythms, Strings, and Templates. Although Ana²morphosis has been released as an Ambient Expansion, this soundset will fit within multiple genres, as there are a few presets purposely designed this way. Yet overall the vast majority of presets are specifically designed for Ambient expression. There are two categories that will especially stand out as Ambient, and make this expansion unique …Atmosphere & FX.

The Atmosphere category was designed with an intention to make playable tonal drones that include atonal atmospheres. The majority of these atonal atmospheres being natural based sounds. This technique gives you the ability to “create harmony within a scene of chaos”. In other words, you can play tonal melodies, as an atonal sound creates the atmospheric scene for an ambient cinematic approach. The FX category on the other hand, was designed to be pure atonal ambience, with zero tonality. The FX category was also designed to be completely nature based …Earth Ambience.

All new Wave-Tables, and Selected Wave-Samples:

Ana²morphosis includes 109 all new Morphable Wave-Tables and 55 new Single Cycle waveforms made especially for this soundset. The wave-tables were created using phase modulation techniques, and their sound ranges from classic FM , Analog, and Digital, to Hybrid, Additive, and Vocal Formants types. All new sound sources for your sound design arsenal!

Ana²morphosis also comes with 83 Wave Samples that are at the heart of this soundset. ANA 2 uses up to three wave sample oscillators per patch. Combining wave-table’s and single cycle waves with wave samples can result in very unique and amazing sounds. Ana²morphosis uses ANA 2’s three sample oscillators to their fullest capability, bringing real-world ambient atmospheres into the oscillator mix.

Ana²morphosis Includes:

  • 100 all new sound presets
  • The Cosmic Graphic User Interface v1.10
  • 109 new Wave-Tables
  • 55 new Single Cycle Waves
  • 83 select Wave-Samples
  • 5 Chord Memory Devices
  • 12 Arpeggiations
  • 30 G-ENVs
  • 7 Track Sound Demo using only Ana²morphosis, including notes
  • 7 page Users Manual with install instructions and usage details


Sonic Academy ANA 2, minimum version: 2.0.81
1GB of HD space available
MIDI controller (ModWheel & Channel Pressure advised, but not necessary.)

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