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Irrupt Audio The Voice In The Groove [WAV]

Irrupt Audio The Voice In The Groove
P2P | 20 December 2019 | 660 MB
'The Voice In The Groove' is a unique vocal product from Irrupt which dives into soulful, deep vocal magic. It's a product dedicated to the human touch, adding sultry, soft and inviting vocal elements to your productions. Stepping out onto the dancefloor, the music wraps itself around you like a soft, comfortable blanket.

The deeper sounds of the DJ keep a steady, gentle rhythm whilst your feet do all the hard work, allowing your ears to appreciate the music. Making the moment absolutely perfect, however, is a special element which stands above the rest. Tonight's music has embraced the soulful, friendly sounds of vocals. The voice is what captures the groove and the magic ingredient that sets the night on fire. 'The Voice In The Groove' has an incredible amount of vocal power for your next masterpiece.

It's overflowing with possibilities, with an absolutely endless amount of vocal elements for use. Whether you want full verses, edits or creatively processed manipulations of the human voice, this helpful tool is what you need to have your own musical voice heard.

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