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Kirk Hunter Spotlight Strings 4D [KONTAKT]

Kirk Hunter Spotlight Strings 4D
Unprecedented Playability

Spotlight 4D was programmed to follow your playing style intuitively. No need for excessive keyswitching and feature changes. Simply put, it's fun to play.

Modern, easy-to-use interface
The learning curve for Spotlight 4D is incredible easy.

Articulation Morphing
Morphing and blending in and out between "longs", tremolos, and trills can create truly interesting and inspirational phrases.

Customizable Control
Despite Spotlight 4D's easy-to-use interface, you still get all of the deep-level control you need. Almost every feature and articulation can be assigned to a controller or keyswitch.

The Key Features of Spotlight 4D

Morph long (sustained) articulations with trills and tremolos. Create truly interesting effects by fading in/out trills, tremolos and long notes.
All-In-One Instruments. No more hunting around to load the right patch.
Legato with Chords. No more switching back and forth between "legato" and "polyphonic" just to play chords.
The legato is programmed to be consistent with true legato. Additionally, you can choose "bowed", "slurred" or "portamento" during legato mode.
Unrivaled Vibrato Control for Solos. Vibrato amount, speed, fade-in time, and "instant" vibrato controls.
Articulations switched by keyswitch or UACC (universal articulation continuous control). If UACC is chosen, your cue will automatically "chase" the articulation so that you don't have to worry if the right articulation is happening wherever you start the cue.
Senses whether you are playing "staccato" or "connected" without needing additional control.
Create any length staccato from any sustained articulation
Total attack strength control. Control the attack by velocity, interface slider or MIDI CC
Dynamic control by velocity, MIDI CC or both.
Microphone perspective
Run Mode. Select a special "Run Mode" feature that makes playing fast runs much more realistic.
Sordini emulation
Purge. Purge articulations that you do not need.
Auto Divisi. Automatically detects and executes the ensemble size needed for a chord or unison.

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