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Echo Sound Works Rainbow Toy Xylophone [DAW Templates, KONTAKT]

Echo Sound Works Rainbow Toy Xylophone
P2P | 25 December 2019 | 220 MB
When we make Kontakt instruments, we don't set out to make simple sounding, but well recorded instruments like so many other Kontakt libraries out there. We want to create uniquely voiced instruments that fit into a sonic niche, we as producers would want to use. We wanted a simple Xylophone for Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, and EDM.

The rainbow toy xylophone is a classic toy instrument. I had one growing up. The physical instrument itself sounds really good for a toy, but it lacks any real, playable range. It only has one C Major octave. This actually is a huge component of the unique sound our Kontakt version produces.

We could have sampled a real xylophone, but only having 8 real notes to sample made us get creative. We ended up using granular synthesis to create the notes that don't exist on the physical instrument. We layered synthesized bell sounds with the sampled material to create 5 unique xylophone instruments unlike anything you have in your library.

Each of the 5 Kontakt presets or patches is it's own unique instrument, with unique samples. Each of the 5 is ready to be the main instrument in your next beat or production.

A Toy Xylophone for Hip Hop, Trap, Pop & EDM

Production ready sound + extended note range
Custom GUI with simple, yet effective controls
4 bonus patches with new layers and sounds
Requires Kontakt 6, Ableton 10 , or Logic X

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Rap or Hip Hop, Trap or Trapstep, EDM, Pop


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    28 September 2020 19:06
    • error on new kontakt update ? its loding but its not working more


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