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NEO Soundstation [KONTAKT]

NEO Soundstation
0TH3Rside | 05 March 2020 | 3.1 GB
'Welcome to NeO soundstation: a classic workstation experience !'

What would it take to make the ideal sound library workstation , It would have to be fast, flexible, inspiring and playable. Like a hardware workstation, but vastly more affordable, and able to run on almost any computer.

We have sampled many quality instruments in the making of NeO soundstation, some for the first time. One of them is the world-class SARA drums collection. NeO soundstation represents the first time this unique kit has been made available in software.

NeO provides a high-quality pallette of instruments from pianos and organs, to drums, to symphonic strings and more.

NeO’s small RAM footprint means it can work on almost any system that supports NI Kontakt.


  • Focus on the quality and speed, there is no losing space on the bad and unnecessary sounds
  • Very easy navigation through categories
  • All basic sounds for almost any music production
  • Multi articulations on many instruments
  • CPU and RAM economic, works fast on almost any configuration
  • Only 3.3 GB to download
  • Full version of Kontakt v5.6.5 , or higher to operate.

FIXES - ( by 0TH3Rside )

  • Scripts fixed due to Effects switch problems , GUI wallpaper sizing, ADSR had improper settings , "Layering gaps" in almost every build thru-out this release , ALL have been repaired !!
  • Added 'ADSR' CONTROL out front on GUI/wallpaper.
  • Repaired script memory buffer/loading problems.
  • Removed "SEVERAL" duplicate - redundit nki files !!!

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Pop, Rock or Metal, Jazz or Blues, World or Ethnic


  • montoto
    5 March 2020 16:36
    • The best demo in the history of the VST.


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