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Acoustic Samples TGuitar : A Songwriter's Dream [Halion]

Acoustic Samples TGuitar : A Songwriter's Dream
P2P | 06 April 2020 | 1.36 GB
The TGuitar by Acoustic Samples is based on a beautiful Taylor 410CE acoustic guitar, sampled with both fingers and a pick. With features like the powerful chord recognition algorithm and Acoustic Samples strumming engine, this guitar is a very inspiring playing experience. Explore the sound of one of the favorite guitars for the modern songwriter.

It has been thoroughly sampled to accurately reproduce the strumming of a real guitar and with the help of our chord recognition algorithm and strumming engine, it can play any chord in any way you want, it's not limited to any genre, tonality or chord progression.

To allow it to be as versatile as possible, we also recorded it with 3 microphone positions, a pair of overheads, a close mono microphone and the DI of a piezo mic.

Shape your sound
To tweak the sound of TGuitar you can play around with a lot of different controls, like the volume of the fret noise or adding EQ. You can even select and mix three different microphone/DI positions - a pair of overheads next to the neck, a close mic next to the soundhole and the direct input signal from the guitar itself. By carefully mixing them, you can achieve almost any sound you want.

Play slides, hammer ons and pull offs
You can easily define the actions of playing slides, hammer ons and pull offs. For example, you configure what happens if you play C3 without releasing and then E3: a slide or a hammer on. You can also control the speed of slides.

Strumming complex chords
With the voicer you can configure complex chords for a root key, meaning that every time you hit a single note it plays the chord you want. So, you can focus on strumming, not on picking the right notes for your chord.

Play melodies in very natural way
Thanks to an algorithm which simulates the position of your hand on the guitar neck, playing it feels very natural. The algorithm also minimizes the movement of your hand to play the next note. This makes your playing very authentic - even as a keyboard player.

Playing real guitar chords
TGuitar automatically converts the chords you are playing on the keyboard into matching guitar voicings. Even better is that, with some extra key switches, you can strum these chords differently.

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