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Ren Groot 155 Jingles Voor Discjockey's Rip Vinyl [WAV]

Ren Groot 155 Jingles Voor Discjockey's Rip Vinyl
P2P | 07 April 2020 | 452.70 MB
Title : 155 Jingles Voor Discjockey's, Radiostations, Ziekenomroepen, Discotheken Enz.
Artist: Ren Groot
Label: Ariola - 204.524
Format: Digital [WAV] (Rip Vinyl By Willy)
Release Date: 1985
Country: Netherlands
Co-producer: Fendal Sound Loenen, Karel Van Der Woerd, Studio Top 40 Hilversum
Executive Producer: Top Format B.V.

Disco Action!,A01,00:03
Disco Action!,A02,00:04
"Radio Action, Radio Action!",A03,00:05
Radio Action!,A04,00:03
"Disco Action, Radio Action!",A05,00:08
"Disco Action, Radio Action!",A06,00:04
Gotta get the fever(disco filler),A07,00:31
Disco fever (disco filfer),A08,00:34
Music Radio,A09,00:10
Music Radio,A10,00:05
The best music!,A11,00:06
The best music ont he best station!,A12,00:06
Your music (soft),A13,00:05
(fill in your name) Nobody does it better,A14,00:12
(fill in your name) Nobody does it better,A15,00:10
(Shotgun) Music!,A16,00:03
(Drumpad) Music!,A17,00:03
(Music radio) Music!,A18,00:05
(Electronic intro) Music!,A19,00:08
"(Electronic intro) Music, Music!",A20,00:06
"(Electronic intro) Weather, weather!",A21,00:06
"Feel the music, feel it!",A22,00:05
"Your sound, my sound!",A23,00:06
Your Music (and orchestra fill),A24,00:07
(Orchestra opening) Music!,A25,00:08
(Orchestra opening) Rock On!,A26,00:08
Music from your friends!,A27,00:09
"Night people, allright people!",A28,00:09
Gonna do it all in the weekend!,A29,00:28
Intro tune (presentation opener),A30,01:01
Special attention! (talk-oiver pad),A31,00:12
Hard rock rhytm pattern (electric guitar),A32,00:04
Hard rock rhytm pattern (electric guitar),A33,00:06
Hard rock rhytm pattern (electric guitar),A34,00:07
Rhytrn pattern with arp & brass,A35,00:09
Rhytrn pattern with arp & brass,A36,00:10
Rhytrn pattern with arp & brass,A37,00:13
Moog/Percussion effect,A38,00:08
Moog/Percussion effect,A39,00:09
Moog/Percussion effect,A40,00:05
Moog information signature,A41,00:05
Moog information signature,A42,00:07
Moog information signature,A43,00:06
Extro tune (presentation closer),A44,01:01
Phazed Rock Theme (presentation opener),A45,01:01
Phazed Rock Theme (presentation opener),A46,00:31
Moog & Rhytm/information Intro,A47,00:10
Moog & Rhytm/information Intro,A48,00:08
Moog & Rhytm/information Intro,A49,00:10
Rhytm Staging,A50,00:08
Rhytm Staging,A51,00:07
Moog News Ettect,A52,00:09
Moog News Ettect,A53,00:09
Agressive Moog Bullet,A54,00:02
Agressive Moog Bullet,A55,00:05
Rhytm with moog (work part),A56,00:16
Rhytm with moog (work part),A57,00:13
Rhytm with moog (work part),A58,00:13
Rhytm Logo (presentation closer),A59,01:01
Rhytm Logo (presentation closer),A60,00:33
M.0.R. Rhytm track,A61,00:10
M.0.R. Rhytm track,A62,00:08
M.0.R. Rhytm track,A63,00:10
M.0.R. Rhytm track,A64,00:09
Acoustic Guitar,A65,00:11
Acoustic Guitar,A66,00:08
Percusion Closer,A67,00:07
Lokale radio goeie radio,B01,00:08
Meer muziek,B02,00:04
Wij doen het voor u op de radio voor u!,B03,00:10
"Wij draaicn voor u hier in de discotheek, voor u!",B04,00:11
Uw discjockey (vut in naam),B05,00:08
News Intro (instrumentaal),B06,00:08
Hollandse mieuwe!,B08,00:10
Dit is een ftop!,B10,00:05
Regionale tip,B11,00:06
Vrije radio tip!,B12,00:05
Tip-tip∑tip-radio tip!,B13,00:08
Tip Topper!,B14,00:07
Tip Topper yeah Tip!,B15,00:12
Regio hit,B16,00:04
Hit van de week!,B17,00:05
Top 10 !,B18,00:06
Top 15 !,B19,00:07
Top 30 !,B20,00:08
Top 100 !,B21,00:06
Nr. 10 !,B22,00:03
Nr. 9 !,B23,00:02
Nr. 8 !,B24,00:03
Nr. 7 !,B25,00:03
Nr. 6 !,B26,00:03
Nr. 5 !,B27,00:03
Nr. 4 !,B28,00:03
Nr. 3 !,B29,00:03
Nr. 2 !,B30,00:04
Nr. 1 !,B31,00:05
Nummer 1 !,B32,00:03
Gouden terugblik,B33,00:09
Gouden van dagen,B34,00:10
Gouwe Ouwe Weekend! (me fill),B35,00:11
Gouwe Ouwe Weekend!,B36,00:11
(effect) 1960!,B37,00:06
(effect) 1961!,B38,00:05
(effect) 1962!,B39,00:04
(effect) 1963!,B40,00:04
(effect) 1964!,B41,00:05
(effect) 1965!,B42,00:04
(effect) 1966!,B43,00:04
(effect) 1967!,B44,00:04
(effect) 1968!,B45,00:04
(effect) 1969!,B46,00:04
(effect) 1970!,B47,00:07
(effect) 1971!,B48,00:06
(effect) 1972!,B49,00:05
(effect) 1973!,B50,00:04
(effect) 1974!,B51,00:07
(effect) 1975!,B52,00:04
(effect) 1976!,B53,00:04
(effect) 1977!,B54,00:05
(effect) 1978!,B55,00:05
(effect) 1979!,B56,00:04
(effect) 1980!,B57,00:04
(effect) 1980!,B58,00:07
(effect) 1982!,B59,00:05
(effect) 1983!,B60,00:05
(effect) 1984!,B61,00:06
(effect) 1985!,B62,00:05
Kerstmis in de discotheek,B63,00:11
Kerstmis op uw radio hoho,B64,00:13
't is winter in uw discothee k,B65,00:09
Winter op uw radio!,B66,00:13
Zomer radio!,B67,00:06
Goeiemorgen schat goeiemorgen!,B68,00:13
weekend weekend muziek!,B77,00:12
Super hit weekend!,B78,00:12
Stereo FM!,B80,00:15
FM 95!,B81,00:06
FM 100!,B82,00:05
FM 101!,B83,00:06
FM 102!,B84,00:05
FM 103!,B85,00:05
FM 104!,B86,00:06
FM (vulin),B87,00:05
News Intro,B88,00:13

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