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Ueberschall Synthlines [Elastik]

Ueberschall Synthlines
P2P | 18 April 2020 | 1.73 GB
Elastik Bass and Lead Lines
All patterns were played on analogue classics like Minimoog or Studio Electronics and recorded without additional EQ or mastering tools. The sound is timeless and all the samples can be mixed and matched with each other to achieve a greater range of variations.

All phrases were played by experienced studio musicians with no midi usage or quantization, keeping the groove and essence as natural as possible.
Not only were all phrases recorded with three different sounds but each phrase also features two slightly different parameter settings on its respective stereo channels, making it possible to modify the sound even more: By adjusting the pan on a mono channel you can morph between the two variations of a phrase to alter it to your demands.

This makes Synthlines a perfect match for when you need a fat bassline or a cool lead for your production. Thanks to the Elastik engine, the key, tempo, pitch, or formant of whole melodies or single notes can be manipulated to the extreme, providing a huge playground for sound-fanatics.

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Funk, Pop, RnB

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