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York Audio Bipolar Pack Class A15 + Recto 4x12 IR Library

York Audio Bipolar Pack Class A15 + Recto 4x12 IR Library
P2P | 18 May 2020 | 16.5 MB
Something for everyone: CLASS-A 15 W meets RECTO 4x12 in a fantastic new cab pack from York Audio.

York Audio is proud to present: The Bipolar Pack, an UltraRes™ Cab Pack containing 350 IRs in both SysEx format for the Axe-Fx II, AX8, and Cab-Lab, plus .IR files for use in Cab-Lab. I wanted to create a Cab Pack that could appeal to any player and any genre. It needed to be tonally diverse, easy to use, and accurately capture the unprocessed sound and essence of the cabinets it represents. From the aggressive authority of the mighty Recto with 70-Watt Vintage 30's to the delicate chime and intimacy of the open back Class-A 15W featuring an Alnico Blue, this pack offers a vast palette of tonal options ready to fuel your creativity and inspire music.

Here's how the Cab Pack is laid out.

Producer Mixes - Multi-mic mixes that span the entire mic collection.
Producer Single Mic Favorites - My personal favorite selections of each mic with Bright and Dark variations.
Condenser/Ribbon - Mics labeled 1-3. 1 being Bright, 2 Balanced, and 3 Dark.
Single Mics Balanced - Dynamic mics shot 8 times around the speaker in the “sweet spot.”
Single Mics Bright - Dynamic mics shot 8 times around the speaker closer to the cap.
Single Mics Dark - Dynamic mics shot 8 times around the speaker further into the cone.
Each player has different hands, different guitars, different listening environments, and their own specific tastes in what they want to hear. Because of that, no single mic and mic placement will be the holy grail for every player. To get you started, try the Producer Mixes and Producer Single Mic Favorites to get a feel for the cabs and mics. Most players will find what they're looking for within these two folders. If you're the type of player that enjoys the quest for their own signature sound, I suggest choosing a mic you like and auditioning the 8 files (A-H) in the Balanced folder. If it's still too bright, try the 8 files in the Dark folder. Not cutting enough? Try the 8 files in the Bright folder. You'll find the right mic and mic placement that works well with your amp and your hands. If you want to go deeper, try blending your favorite dynamic mic with a ribbon or condenser to add body or sizzle depending on your needs.

Mics include:

57M - based on a modern production Shure™ SM57
57V - based on a vintage Shure™ Unidyne III SM57
421V - Based on a vintage Sennheiser™ MD421
e906 - Based on a Sennheiser™ e906
441 - based on a vintage Sennheiser™ MD441
SM7 - based on a Shure™ SM7B (Recto only)
121 - based on a Royer™ R121
COLES - based on a Coles™ 4038
NUVO - based on an AEA™ Nuvo N22
STAGER - based on a Stager™ SR-1A
VR1 - based on an sE Electronics™ VR1
C414 - based on an AKG™ C414 (Recto only)
RCA - based on a vintage RCA ribbon mic (Class-A only)
TLM49 - based on Neumann™ TLM 49

NOTE! Cab Packs require an Axe-Fx III, Axe-Fx II, AX8, or the Cab-Lab 3 plugin. This pack is not compatible with Axe-Fx Ultra or Standard.

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