TrueFire Mimi Fox Jazz Song Practice Playbook [TUTORiAL]

TrueFire Mimi Fox Jazz Song Practice Playbook
P2P | 29 May 2020 | 3.61 GB
Effective Step-by-Step Method for Practicing & Learning Jazz Songs on Guitar
The most frequently asked questions our educators get are, “How and what should I practice to improve as a player?” and “What is the best approach for learning songs?” Mimi Fox to the rescue!

"Over the years that I’ve been teaching and playing, I developed what I consider to be the most effective step-by-step method for practicing and learning songs. And not just jazz songs -- this method will work for any style of music. I’m excited to share that method with you here in the Jazz Song Practice Playbook. We’ll take one of my own tunes, Blues For Two and apply the entire step-by-step approach for learning and practicing that song."

With Mimi Fox's Jazz Song Practice Playbook, you’ll start with the melody and work through the 10 stages for internalizing the melody of a song, and mapping the associated arpeggios and scales all over the neck. Next, you'll focus on the harmony of the song and Mimi will guide you through 9 stages for learning the changes, extensions, alterations and practicing harmony against a track.

Next, Mimi will show you how to work on the rhythm starting with Four to the Bar and Charleston. You'll also learn how to mix basic rhythms and harmony and develop more complex rhythms. Finally, you'll work on mixing all of the rhythmic ideas together and practice with a metronome and then an actual track. At the end of the course, Mimi includes a video of herself performing Blues for Two live in concert along with a commentary video.

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