PUREMIX Inside The Mix Robert DeLong With Adam Hawkins [TUTORiAL]

PUREMIX Inside The Mix Robert DeLong With Adam Hawkins
P2P | 24 June 2020 | 1.21 GB
Throughout the past ten years, Robert Delong has climbed to the top of the charts with his genre-bending electro-pop hits. When the time came to mix 2018's "Favorite Color Is Blue", Robert called upon Adam Hawkins to mix the hit single.

In this Exclusive, multi-award-winning mixing engineer, Adam Hawkins, returns to the original Pro Tools session of "Favorite Color Is Blue" to dissect the choices he made and explain the thought process, workflow, and techniques that helped this massive song explode across the world.

Watch as Adam:

*Discusses delivering mixes at loud levels when receiving a loud rough mix
*Track Organization
*Explains how to deal with excessively bright tracks
*Deals with resonances on individual tracks that can mask and clutter a mix
*Uses various techniques to widen the stereo image
*Creates a multiple drum parallel busses to build a MASSIVE drum sound while preserving the energy and feel of the groove
*Uses compression and saturation to level out the synth bass and make sure it's always present in the mix
*Uses multi-mono eq fed into a stereo imaging processor to treat each side differently and expand the stereo width
*Modulates reverb to add a tail to the main hook vocal track
*Dials in sound effect tracks to make them support the transitions in the songs
*Uses multiple stages of compression on K. Flay to create a powerful, textured, and punchy and in your face vocal sound.
*Creates space and depth around the vocal with mono delays
*Manages chopped and screwed vocals, multiple doubles, chants, and adlibs to create a massive group vocal sound
*Sit next to world-renowned mixing engineer, Adam Hawkins, and learn how he mixed the hit song, "Favorite Color Is Blue", by Robert Delong ft. K. Flay. Only on

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