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Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle v3.6.1 / v3.5.1 [WiN, MacOSX]

Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle
WiN: Team R2R | 13 September 2021 | 59.36 MB
MAC: Team R2R | 22 January 2020 | 353.1 MB
Goodhertz is an audio software company, founded in early 2014. We are based in Southern California, and have offices in Vermont and Seoul. We believe audio plugins should sound amazing, and should be easy to use. We specialize in making the best audio plugins

► Include:

  • CanOpener Studio
  • Vulf Compressor
  • Tone Control
  • Trem Control
  • Lossy
  • Lohi
  • Faraday Limiter
  • Panpot
  • Good Dither
  • Tiltshift
  • Midside
  • Midside Matrix
  • Wow Control
  • Megaverb

Release Notes
NEW PLUGIN: Tupe! Tape saturation and tube coloration plugin with a powerful analog-style filter section

Added threshold meter to the analog limiter in Lohi

Added user preference to enable/disable tooltips
Added a button to show/hide password during login
Added a diagnostic pane in right-click menu for troubleshooting
Added musical pitch notation text input to sliders
Added support for AVX512 CPU optimizations

Fixed a bug that caused the trial length to display 15 days remaining (even though it was actually 30)

Fixed a bug that could cause passwords to be double-pasted in Pro Tools
Fixed an issue with BPM syncing in Pro Tools where automation could be offset during bounce
Fixed a display issue in the modulation visualization in Trem Control and Wow Control

Improved quick analog noise toggle behavior in Vulf Compressor, Trem Control and Wow Control

Improved analog transformer model accuracy in Faraday Limiter
Improved filtering/EQ digital resolution in all plugins

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  • AClass216
    29 January 2020 19:26
    • Nothing shows up when I install this. All I get is a uninstall file nothing else.
  • lizzydingo
    2 February 2020 00:20
    • what should I do once I generate a challenge file on mac with no keygen for mac? Dm me.
  • lizzydingo
    3 February 2020 05:03
    • doesnt work on mac OSx High Sierra 10.12.6. no keygen workaround on Logic Pro X. unless someone wants to help me figure it out...
  • duptu
    13 September 2021 14:17
    • blocked the acces, according to the info enter any email and password and then the offline registration window opens but nothing comes, it always says we dont know anyone with that email (I try not with my real email)


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