SynthEdit v1.4.697 x64 [WiN]

MOCHA | 11 August 2023 | 7 MB
SynthEdit is a application which uses a modular VPL (Visual Programming Language) to create music synthesizers and effects units. These can then be compiled as VST plug-ins for use in audio applications. SynthEdit first released in 1999 by Jeff McClintock, and version 1.0 was released on 23 June 2005. Many programmers have since created additional freeware and payware modules for use within SynthEdit's programming environment.

SynthEdit can export creations to VST format

SynthEdit allows users to create VST Instruments and VST Effects[1]. It provides a GUI editing system and full MIDI interface for hardware controllers. SynthEdit has also been used to create additional devices that do not fall within the realms of synthesizer or effect units.

Audio and MIDI plug-ins for SynthEdit can be written in C or C++ using the SynthEdit Music Plugin Standard (SEM) API, which is based on GMPI with some extensions.

Protection Type:serial

Limited to 2 Audio output channels.
Limited to 16 presets. (128 in Full Version).
User sees 'SynthEdit' as plugin creator, not you.
No background graphics in your plugins.
VSTs panel works only on your machine (not others).
'DEMO' appears in pink over plugin control panel.
'Nag Screen' feature disabled.

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