Udemy 15 Essential Revenue Streams for Music Artists [TUTORiAL]

Udemy 15 Essential Revenue Streams for Music Artists
P2P | 20 October 2017 | 158 MB
As a music artist, you’re owed money whenever the music is purchased, streamed, covered, played on the radio, performed in public, heard on YouTube, or sampled. In this easy and actionable course, you'll discover the necessary steps you need to make money from music.

Every day around the world, artists produce music but don’t earn their maximum earning potential. Your songs can generate money and royalties for your entire life.

In fact, in 2012, more that $1 billion dollars in music publishing royalties went undistributed due to missing or unverified data.

You need to make sure those earnings have no problem finding you. You’re entitled to these royalties every time gets played, purchased, or streamed.

Today, music artists have more opportunities than ever to make significant income from their songs. While artists want to concentrate on their craft, making an income from your passion is the hardest aspect of the music industry.

Having access to information online doesn’t equal understanding; and just because you CAN make money from your music doesn’t mean you know HOW to do it. This is where this course comes in!

Learn the 20 best ways to make money from music. I will clearly explain each method and give practical tips you can use to make money from your music.

★ Student review by Margaret Lovell, “This is a great course about Music Marketing - Sam discusses copyright and what that entails, plus he discusses contemporary ways of marketing one's music, in particular, through online channels. It's a perfect starter course.”

★ Student review by Medi Farshidfar, “This course was really great. I got familiar with many online platform to sell my music online. The instructor went through all the websites and gave a detailed instruction."


I’m a music lawyer in Los Angeles and I have years of experience working with music artists with their career. I completely understand how tough it is as an artist.

I have been a producer and musician for the last 15 years and I live and breath music just as much as you. I frequently give lectures on music law so I decided to combine all of my teachings and share my secrets in this course.

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