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Presonus Convology Vintage Plate Reverbs (Impulse Bounce)

Presonus Convology Vintage Plate Reverbs (Impulse Bounce)
P2P | 02 November 2020 | 31.76 MB
Full Listing of sampled reverb units
Plate Reverb Eco II (8 files) - Appleton, WI
Plate Reverb Eco III (13 files) - Sweden
Plate Reverb 140 Tube (16 files) - Nashville, TN
Plate Reverb 140 (19 files) - Finland
Plate Reverb 240 (15 files) - Los Angeles, CA
Plate Reverb Lawson (13 files) - Nashville, TN

Plate Reverb 140
For many, the 140s are viewed as king of the hill for a number of reasons. They were the first and came to market in the late 1950s. They tend to be a little warmer, tend to replicate, as they were originally designed, the sound of a concert hall and with limited EQing can for the most part, more readily replicate a dark, bright or a warm sounding room, etc. There are beautiful sounding files in every 140 model sampled - try them all along with very cool hybrid impulses that really are a solid edition to anyone's convolution library!

Plate Reverb ECO
Tend to be brighter and a little more metallic sounding. Useful to bringing certain production elements out in the mix when you need it to cut through. These units were a little smaller than the Plate Reverb 140.

Plate Reverb 240
The 240 is darker sounding. Weighing148 lbs with dimensions of 1' X 2' X 2'. Some say better on shorter settings and for sound sources like drums. Originally designed as a way to make the original 140 (4' X 8') in a smaller and lighter box. It really was a technological feat for its time. They use a gold foil plate and are a hybrid between the original large 140 plate and early analog to digital rack mount and smaller floor units, although the 240 is totally analog.

Lawson - tends to be brighter and a bump in the lower mids tends to warm them up. This unit was designed and built by Gene Lawson who continues to make microphones today at his shop in Nashville, TN. His microphones are well regarded and his tenure in the business is remarkable.

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