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Presonus Convology Vintage Spring Reverbs (Impulse Bounce)

Presonus Convology Vintage Spring Reverbs (Impulse Bounce)
P2P | 02 November 2020 | 50.03 MB
This impressive collection of impulse responses brings back the famous sound of spring reverb units into Studio One's "Open Air" Convolution Reverb.

Sampled in 6 Different Countries including Britain, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, and the USA.

Many pieces of gear listed have been used by major recording artists, including some really historical units, like tube springs that have been used by: The Rascals, Van Morrison, and in James Brown's famous “It's a Man's Man's Man's World.” (K-100 Spring)

General Overview
This library contains 26 different spring reverb units. For many who grew up in the era of plates and springs, most were drawn to plates for very good reasons. After careful consideration and reaching out to studios around the globe for the most interesting vintage springs that could be found and acoustically captured, some of these springs are just absolutely gorgeous with the spring and electronics of the units, really creating some fantastic sounding reverbs–the 3D audio quality that many engineers aim to find.

If you've always fancied yourself a plate reverb individual, this library will definitely change your mind.
There are springs of all kinds, and yes, there are some boingy ones - gotta have a few for that vintage guitar, lead vocal, and organ sound, right? There's also mono and stereo versions, along with a variety of lush and warm-sounding springs that nearly sound like a plate - they deliver the “reflections from nearby walls” as only a spring can - when light tremor and flutter of the spring occurs.

This spring reverb collection is complete with a wide range of springs, useful for a variety of applications. There are a good number of impulse response files in this library that you wouldn't hesitate to apply to the lead vocal–they're that good, and would absolutely compete with some of your favorite – digital or plate reverb presets. A number of leading engineers and producers use springs on a regular basis and some as their main “go-to” for reverb in general.

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