Internet Sound It 9 Pro v9.01.0 [WiN]

Internet Sound It 9 Pro
Team R2R | 12 April 2022 | 60.9 MB
Sound it! 8 Pro is a high resolution sound DXD of DSD 256 (11.28 / 12.28 MHz) for DSD format and 768 KHz / 32 bit (INT) for PCM format Correspondence. Native recording and playback are possible without converting DSD format to PCM format.

High-definition DSD decoder / encoder installed. The DSD format is also converted to PCM format of maximum 768 KHz / 32 bit (INT) and edited by high resolution. Conversion to DSD format can be done again with high sound quality sound. Restoration effect indispensable for digitalization of analog sound and 49 effects including VST plug-in effects such as IRON REBER, LINEAR PHASE EQ and MS Gain EQ, which are well-established in the recording site of UK Sonnox Inc., IR REVERB, LINEAR PHASE EQ and MS Gain EQ powered by. It realizes sound make-up which does not allow compromise. Furthermore, it is equipped with CD press master data format DDP file export and CD creation function corresponding to CD text etc. We respond to requests of professional sound engineers and high end audio fans with multifunctional and high quality sound. * The audio function (DAC / ADC) corresponding to each format or the audio function built in the PC is necessary. Release of Wednesday, February 22, 2017 April 14, 2017 (Fri) Packaged version released

  • DSD native recording / playback
  • Real-time display of input level and waveform even at DSD native recording
  • PCM format with high sampling rate DXD compatible
  • Master data format for CD press DDP file correspondence
  • Unique VST plug-in effect "F-REX" loaded
  • VST plug-in effect 2/3 correspondence
  • Three types of restoration plug-in effects made by Sonnox
  • Equipped with Sonnox EQ, Limiter, Reverb
  • Total of 49 VST plug-in effects
  • 8 insert effects available
  • Equipped with a loudness meter which is the next-generation volume measurement standard that measures human's feeling of volume
  • CD lighting function also compatible with CD-TEXT
  • VOLUME, equipped with automation of PAN
  • Sound file conversion
  • Create an ACID file
  • Create music CD

They added new license & installation checks but you know the result :)

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