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Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor v1.1.0 REPACK / v1.1.0 [WiN, MacOSX]

Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor
WiN: Team Flare | 06 April 2021 | 56.27 MB
MAC: Team Flare | 03 April 2021 | 200 MB
Unlock unparalleled powers.
Parallel processing plays a fundamental part in getting a “big” mix sound. By processing multiple copies of the same track and blending them together you can add more punch to a mix - in a more natural-sounding way.

It's like teamwork: Multiple copies of the same track - each focused on doing one specific job - can achieve more together than a single copy being processed to death on its own.

Parallel Aggressor is based on this simple concept. The plugin splits your audio into three equal parts:

Dry - Your original signal
Spank - A heavily compressed duplicate
Heat - A heavily saturated duplicate

Work the duplicates hard! Then combine all three signals to squeeze every drop of sonic juice out of your track.

Great sound - great simplicity.

You’re probably using parallel processing all over your mixes already. But Parallel Aggressor is designed to give you the maximum sonic impact with the lowest possible track count. No extra busses or mix faders needed.

CAUTION: As with all our plugins, we’ve engineered Parallel Aggressor to inject some strong sonic colorations into your mix. It usually works best as a ‘flavoring tool’ on individual tracks in need of extra impact. If you end up using it on sources that are already very dense or processed (like a master bus), make sure to use it subtly.


Parallel Aggressor comes loaded with 25 presets created by BABY Audio and some friends of the house:

- KurtCurt (Grammy nominated engineer for 2 Chainz, Diamond D, Wiz Khalifa).
- Anthony Saffery (Billboard #1 producer for Portugal. The Man, Dirty Vegas, Cornershop).

Team Flare Note: (v1.1.0 REPACK)
REPACK NOTES: Presets folder should now be in the correct directory. Use REPACK release if you had issues finding/copying the presets folder

Big Thanks to Team R2R for providing us their custom Windows installer!

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