343 Pro Sessions Nandu Creativity and Inspiration [TUTORiAL]

343 Pro Sessions Nandu Creativity and Inspiration
Team DECiBEL | 15 May 2021 | 4.51 GB
Recording - Nandu: Creativity and Inspiration: How I write and Record Music
The reason I ended up creating electronic music was the freedom it offers to its creator. To not follow any rules, and to just play around with sound; however, you feel like. Originally I played the trumpet for many years, and I was on a path leading into a more classical career as a musician. But somewhere along the way, I stumbled across Ableton, and almost from one day to another, I left what I was doing and started to experiment with electronic music.

In this masterclass, I wanna invite you inside my head and studio to share with you my thoughts on creativity and to show you how I personally go from idea to finished track. We will both work with writing, recording, editing, and arranging, and it will be done both outside the box and inside in Logic. Finally, I will also show you how my live-set is built, and how I actually perform my music live with Ableton.

Day 1:
- Introduction to me, my approach, and general thoughts on creating music + a walk through my studio and gear.
- How I create beats and grooves (real recordings, editing, and processing).
- How I create melodies - alternative approaches.
- How I arrange and finish a track.

Day 2:
- Sum up from day one.
- A dissection of a track of mine.
- A short walk through my Liveset - and an introduction to my thoughts on playing electronic music live.

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