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Keyboard Waves Disco Strings for Kontakt [KONTAKT]

Keyboard Waves Disco Strings for Kontakt
P2P | 22 May 2021 | 65.63 MB
The Disco Strings Mainpatch, utilizing over 120 MB of new disco strings samples.

Disco Strings library programmed by Keyboard Waves

* Format: .NKI
* Kontakt 5.8 minimum
* Name: Disco Strings Kontakt v1.2 * Size: 120MB
* Voices: 1 Voice

The Voices Descriptions

Real Samples of Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, D Basse) mixed to make an original sound “playable” on keyboard :

Forte : String Falls (articulation commonly used in disco charts)
Mezzo : Fast attack and long sustain mezzo forte
Piano : Long attack ans long sustain piano
2 “attack” samples in random mode for a different attack to every keystroke.
120Mo of Waveforms.


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  • diggercr
    12 June 2021 02:45
    • Who makes money with this music these days? Sounds amazing but ... besides a car dealer jingle in a small town radio where can you use all these things, a Cold Play cover? Brian Eno already passed the page on that :-(


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