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IK Multimedia Billy Cobham Drums [SampleTank]

IK Multimedia Billy Cobham Drums
P2P | 27 May 2021 | 658 MB
Put the sounds and grooves of legendary jazz-fusion drummer Billy Cobham into your next recording
Billy Cobham Drums is a new high definition drum and groove SampleTank instruments collection. It includes more than 2 amazing gigabytes of over 2,000 meticulously recorded drum samples that include more than 400 audio grooves played by Billy Cobham, the legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra and Miles Davis drummer whose amazing performances continue to inspire generations of musicians both old and new.

Billy Cobham Drums was recorded by legendary producer-engineer, Ken Scott, who produced the jazz fusion classic album, “Birds of Fire” by Mahavishnu Orchestra with Billy on drums. IK US founder and Executive Producer, Dave Kerzner, reunited the two legends at Long View Farm Studio in Massachusetts where they recorded the samples for this instrument on a classic Trident A Range console, the same as was used on the “Birds of Fire” album. For supreme authenticity, a clear-shell Fibes drum kit was flown in from Los Angeles just for these sessions.

No expense was spared in miking this highly stylized drum kit. 8 Neumann® U67 tube microphones were used on the session so that even each tom could be miked with one. Every detail and nuance of his kit and performance style is captured with 8 velocities per drum using as many as 8 round robins per velocity.

In addition to the full kit instrument, you get individual SampleTank instruments for his kick drums, snare drums, toms, hi-hats, ride cymbal and crash cymbals so that you can customize the sounds, adding effects and perform individual instrument processing on each element using multiple parts in SampleTank. Add some extra compression to the kick drum, a little more reverb to the snare drum, some high-end sizzle to the hi-hats, each without affecting the other elements of the kit.

The drums are mapped using an extended General MIDI mapping so you can mix-and-match kit elements from the Billy Cobham Kit with elements from other SampleTank factory drum kits, or other drum libraries available in the Custom Shop like the Neil Peart Kit.

Billy Cobham Drums also includes audio grooves played by the man himself in the style of many of his favorite Mahavishnu Orchestra songs. There are 14 SampleTank instruments grouped as “songs,” each at its own tempo. And thanks to SampleTank’s STRETCH engine, you can easily change the tempo of the audio grooves without affecting the pitch of the drums.

Billy Cobham Drums is perfect for pop, funk, hip hop, jazz fusion, rock, blues and nearly any kind of music where you a need a deeply expressive audiophile drum track that has been recorded without compromise.


1 Multi
Billy Cobham Kit

10 Kit Instruments
Billy Cobham Kit
Billy Cobham Eco Kit
Billy Cobham Crush Room Kit
Billy Cobham Kicks
Billy Cobham Snares
Billy Cobham Kit
Billy Cobham Eco Kit
Billy Cobham Crush Room Kit
Billy Cobham Kicks
Billy Cobham Snares

10 Loop Instruments
Rogue Lord - 89 bpm
Side Draft - 95 bpm
A Single Utterance 1 - 93 bpm
A Single Utterance 2 - 118 bpm
Agape Nation 1 - 96 bpm
Agape Nation 2 - 128 bpm
Clouds - 86 bpm
Existence 1 - 75 bpm
Existence 2 - 158 bpm
Meters Hence - 86 bpm
Prioress Andre - 158 bpm
The Lily - 81 bpm
Thistle - 67 bpm

Library size:
Over 2GB of content
2,000+ drum kit samples
400+ audio loops

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