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Alex Pfeffer Lost Remnants [KONTAKT]

Alex Pfeffer Lost Remnants
Team DECiBEL | 31 May 2021 | 531.6 MB
Guitars sent into space and back

Lost Remnants is a sound designed and processed clean electric guitar loop sample library which contains:

- 85x Lost Remnants: 1 bar, tempo 60, looped, dry
- 85x Lost Relics: 3 bars, tempo 60, not looped, wet
- 20x Forgotten Signals: 2 bars each, tempo 60, looped, dry
- 20x Forgotten Relics: 3 bars each, tempo 60, wet
- 135x Digital Traces I (01 - 70) + II (71 - 135): processed and chopped quarter note bits to create your own "Lost Remnants"

library size: 531 MB
you have full access to the .wav files
at least Kontakt 5.8.1

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