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Alex Pfeffer SOL [KONTAKT]

Alex Pfeffer SOL
Team DECiBEL | 31 May 2021 | 1.25 GB
Everything revolves around the sun

SOL contains (in the key of C and G):
- The Core - 26x bass 8th note rhythm mapped for each key's guitar chords
- Revolving COREds - 52x clean and distorted guitar 8th note rhythm loops in relation to each key's root note
- Chromatic Core and COREds - 52x chromatically recorded bass and distorted guitar 8th note rhythms and fade-outs/endings
- Chromosphere - 10x distorted high pedal chord loops
- Prominence - 40x clean and dreamy guitar arpeggios and phrases
- Flares - 25x chromatically 16th note octaved shredding phrases
- The Photosphere folder - 10x multisample instruments from soft, bed and bell-like atmospheres to lead sounds hotter than 5800 Kelvin
- Ultraviolet Emissions - 45x guitar dives, scratches, wooshes, and other fx
- Rising from the Surface - 24x mighty tonal synth risers
- Sunsets - 20x distorted guitar ending phrases

all samples have been recorded in 24bit, 44.1 KHz
library size: 1.25 GB
you have full access to the .wav loops
at least Kontakt 5.8

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