GuitarZoom Masterclass Techniques [TUTORiAL]

GuitarZoom Masterclass Techniques
P2P | 07 June 2021 | 15.5 GB
Master Essential Techniques


01 Chords
You'll learn the top 10 chords and simple progressions to play thousands of your favorite songs without hitting any dead notes.

02 Strumming
Play songs comfortably, in any style, the whole way through, with 3 simple strumming patterns that work even if you have weak hands and fingers.

03 The Picking Hand
You'll see the right way to use a guitar pick, learn single note picking patterns, and master alternate picking.

04 The Fretting Hand
Essential fretting skills to make fast note changes and play punchy licks and rhythms.

05 Hand Synchronization
Discover the secret of hand synchronization so you can play songs in time and in tune.

06 Slides and Vibrato
How to create sweet-sounding vibrato in the style of Slash and B.B. King. One easy way to control the “width” and “speed” of your vibrato so your licks stay in tune.

07 Bends
3 must know string bending techniques to make your guitar sing.

08 Arpeggios
How to connect arpeggios and create “note perfect” solos without hitting wrong notes.

09 Advanced Soloing Techniques
Get a step by step breakdown of advanced soloing techniques like harmonics, tapping, and whammy bar skills to play authentic solos that sound completely original.

10 Acoustic Guitar Techniques
You'll learn simple chord fills to spice up your chord changes and how to use a capo to quickly transpose songs in any key.

11 Practice Licks
24 licks to practice and perfect every technique in the course.

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