GuitarZoom Masterclass Guitar Soloing [TUTORiAL]

GuitarZoom Masterclass Guitar Soloing
P2P | 09 June 2021 | 5.83 GB


01 Playing And Connecting Scales
Discover how to play and connect all 5 positions of the pentatonic scale across the fretboard–so you’ll never get stuck when you solo.

02 Soloing Skills 101
Get a step by step breakdown of how to perfectly execute must know soloing skills like bending, vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides.

03 Expressive Soloing
Tired of playing boring solos that sound like a scale? Steve shares his proven “chord chasing” technique to create expressive solos over any style of music.

04 Perfect Your Picking
Build hand and finger strength with Steve’s easy workouts that will skyrocket your picking speed and accuracy in just minutes a day.

05 Pentatonic Expansion
Break out of the pentatonic box and play amazing solos with simple expansions that will make folks say “Wow, that was awesome!” every time you play.

06 Soloing With Style
A great guitar solo is more than just a bunch of random notes put together. It’s a story that you tell with your guitar. Steve explains how to create tension and excitement that will keep people hooked from the first note you play.

07 How to Jam
Learn the shortcuts professional musicians use to learn songs in minutes and always know what scales to play for your solos.

08 Soloing With Modes
Steve shares his favorite shortcut to memorize all 7 modes and how to use them to take your guitar solos to the next level.

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