GuitarZoom Masterclass Music Theory [TUTORiAL]

GuitarZoom Masterclass Music Theory
P2P | 10 June 2021 | 18.9 GB


01 Fundamental Theory
Build a solid foundation by learning how the musical language of notes, scales, and chords work together to make songs on your guitar.

02 Fretboard Mastery
Get a step by step plan to quickly memorize every note and scale on the fretboard - so you can play songs and solos without any hesitation.

03 Major Scale Mastery
Did you know there’s a simple formula that makes it a snap to play the major scale in any key? Steve shows you how to use it to impress folks at your next jam session.

04 Chord Theory
Discover how to build chords from the major scale and play your favorite songs by ear.

05 The CAGED System
Instantly triple the number of chords you can play and open up your entire fretboard with a no-fail system Steve uses in his guitar playing every day.

06 The Magic of the 7th Chord
Ever wanted to play authentic blues rhythm guitar? This is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

07 Chord Creativity
Take simple chords you already know and turn them into over 60 crowd-pleasing favorites that will make people say, "Whoa, how did you play that?"

08 Circle of Fifths
Big Secret: You can always know what notes to play for your solos if you know this one simple concept. And Steve makes it easy!

09 Soloing With Scales and Modes
Get a step by step breakdown of the most important scales and how to combine them to improvise solos over any style of music.

10 Blues Guitar 101
Learn how to play a classic 12-bar blues rhythm and create authentic blues solos in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King and other legends.

11 Exotic Scales
What the harmonic and melodic minor scales sound like and how to use them to take hard rock and metal solos to the next level.

12 Music Theory In The Real World
How to apply all of your new music theory knowledge in the real world to impress everyone every time you get out your guitar and play!

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