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Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character High Elf [WAV]

Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character High Elf
DISCOVER | 16 June 2021 | 572 MB
'AAA Game Character High Elf' by Epic Stock Media provides male voiceover samples inspired by hit fantasy games like Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. This pack is perfect for fantasy games, film and trailers. This voiceover collection is filled with over 400+ well thought-out, scripted dialogue lines, battle cries, fight vocals, vocalisations and everything you need to create compelling cutscenes, immersive in-game experiences and more.

The 'High Elf' voice texture is a deep tone, with a smooth performance and works well as a strong unbreakable protagonist game character. He's arrogant, thinks of himself as a high born and vanquishes the enemy at every turn.

Delivered in 96k/24-Bit WAV file format, this pack not only gives you clean sound that your audience will enjoy but provides you with all the vocal elements you need to build the story. Mix and match the sound files to construct your story how you want it. Your allies are under attack. What are you going to do?

Product Specifications:

  • Format: (.WAVs)
  • 017 x Battle Cries And Sayings
  • 004 x Breathing Paces - Fast/Exhausted/Quiet
  • 014 x Coughing Files - Covered/Explosive/Short/Dying/Deep
  • 012 x Blubbering Cries - Short/Quiet/Sniffling/Sad
  • 125 x Interactive Scripted Dialogue Lines - Cast It Into The Fire/I Hear Danger Approaching
  • 040 x Fight Vocals - Groan/Swing/Ahh/Hurt/Growl/Long/Muffled
  • 020 x Game Character Jumps - Double Jump/Big/Short/Growling/Quick/Windup
  • 023 x Laughing Voice Sounds - Deep/Evil/Big/Amused/Chuckle/Hearty
  • 024 x Pain Vocals - Death/Dying/Hurt/Breathy/Growl And Sayings
  • 122 x Stock Dialogue Lines - Help Me/Attack/Kill Them/I Need More Mana
  • 401 x Fantasy Character Voice-Over Audio Files In Total
  • All In 24-Bit/96k (.WAVs) File Format
  • Compatible With All DAWs

  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Perfect For Fantasy Games/Film And Trailers

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