Sound Design For Beginners

Sound Design For Beginners
English | 13 January 2019 | ISBN: 1793473269 | 180 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
Make your own sounds quickly on any synthesizer, anytime, anywhereLet's face it. You want to make awesome sounds for your track, but they often end up extremely weak and underwhelming. That's why EDM producer and best-selling author Cep from Screech House shares the essential basics of synthesis you must understand first to achieve high-quality sound design. Only available within this book.

Your synthesizer is NOT the problemMost producers would kill to create sounds from their favorite songs. But after wasting hours to make them somewhat passable they still sound like crap.

To fix the problem, you may think you need to buy fancy equipment. Big mistake! Your synthesizer is more than capable to get the job done. You just don't understand how to use it correctly. But that will all change today.

Introducing: the ultimate beginner's shortcut to awesome sound designFind out how to use any synthesizer, anytime, anywhere.Get at least 80% of the results by doing less than 20% of the work.Distinguish yourself from amateurs by making your own authentic sounds.
What you will learn from the Sound Design for Beginners guide Learn the most important synthesizer settings to make your own jaw-dropping sounds.Find out exactly WHAT each setting does, HOW they work, but also WHY to use them.Discover the essential basics of synthesis and grow yourself into a master of sound designFor a complete overview, use the "Look inside" feature to browse the Table of Contents.

Bonus: get a free sample pack for your audio productionsAs a token of appreciation, Cep's work comes with a free high-quality sample pack. This way, you can start producing music instantly. A download link will be provided inside the book.

The must-have music producer's handbookUnique of its kind, take your music to the next level with the Sound Design for Beginners guide.

SOUND DESIGN FOR BEGINNERS: How to Make Jaw-Dropping Sounds for Your Song by Discovering the Essential Basics of Synthesis & Sound Engineering (Best Music Production Book for Digital Audio Producers & Music Producers)

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