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Strezov Sampling Trombone Ensemble [KONTAKT]

Strezov Sampling Trombone Ensemble
P2P | 27 July 2021 | 1.51 GB
The Trombones module of our Strezov Orchestra: Brass section includes a deeply sampled Trombone section.

About this module:
Recorded in the same hall as our grand Storm Choir 2 and AMS Brass libraries this Trombone ensemble is a must have for any composer writing orchestral music out there. Offering four different mic positions (close, decca, outrigger, balcony), three dynamic layers and up to 7 Round Robin samples on the Staccatos this library has everything you need to write complex and good sounding trombone lines.

This library again stands as a perfect example of our sampling philosophy to not put a huge amount of post processing into the samples, but emphasizing the live character of the incredible talented Bulgarian musicians we had the honour of working together with. Therefore the tonality of our brass is best described as the Golden Age of Hollywood sound.

This module includes the following articulations:

- Normal Sustains
- Sustains Muted
- Short Marcatos Normale
- Medium Marcatos Stopped
- Medium Marcatos Muted
- Mariachi Marcatos Normale
- Staccatos Normale
- Staccatos Muted
- Crescendos Normale

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