Down The Sound Of Dennis Quin [TUTORiAL] The Sound Of Dennis Quin
Team DECiBEL | 04 August 2021 | 1.16 GB
With releases on PIV, Moxy Musik, Rejected, Madhouse and more, Dennis Quin's sound is one which is often imitated but never bettered, and we're delighted to feature the Amsterdam-based producer on an entry in our 'The Sound Of...' series which is bursting with incredible advice and knowledge.

Working with several of his standout releases including 'Chanté' and 'Move Out Of My Way', Dennis breaks down his entire production process and shares hints and tips to help you recreate the iconic sound that he's known for.

Across 9 chapters, you'll learn how to:
- Prepare the basic outline of a track in 10 minutes
- Master the iconic piano and organ chords that typify house music
- Process vocals in a way that suits Dennis' style of house music
- Work with drum samples and instruments to build a project up
- Add the critical details that'll bring your track to life
- How he nailed that iconic double vocal hook in 'Move Out Of My Way'
- ... And much more.

- Starting From Scratch
- Harmonies & Chords
- Drum Samples & Instruments
- The Dennis Quin Bassline
- Rave & Club Tracks
- Processing Vocals For House Music
- Icing On The Cake
- Mastering Chain
- "Move Out Of My Way" Walkthrough

DAW - Logic (Skills transferable to other DAWs)

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