Spectre Digital Guitar Tone Mastery [TUTORiAL]

Spectre Digital Guitar Tone Mastery
P2P | 24 August 2021 | 10.13 GB
In short, you will learn a proven, step-by-step method for creating massive guitar tones that you are hearing in your head with amp simulators. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

You will learn:

How to select the right cabinet impulse that is right for your gear and the sound that you want quickly and easily
A unique way to adjust the tone stack of your amp simulator
My full methodical approach to EQ and post-processing that is repeatable - regardless of what gear, plugins, or genre you are working with.
How this process can be repeated as multiple full demonstrations are provided in real-time, showing how to develop unique guitar tones and how to process them - I even do this
How to gain stage properly from your interface into the DAW so that you have the best signal possible
Why it is important to gain stage into the amp simulator correctly in order to maximize the sound quality
Guitar recording tips to help you track and create the best sounding direct-input (DI) signals that you can
From client examples, advanced processing concepts, and more.

Additionally, an ear training demonstration is included that shows how you can start training your ears to listen to the frequencies you are looking for so that you can spend minutes finding the perfect cabinet impulse response instead of hours.

Finally, if you think that this training is not for you because you do not have a great guitar or audio interface, then you will be happy to know that inside Guitar Tone Mastery, I use budget-level gear, and I prove through demonstration how to get great metal tones with budget level gear.

Seriously, when you get this step-by-step process under your belt, creating your own guitar tones will take minutes instead of hours.

Pick up this training today and achieve the crushing metal guitar tones you have been looking for… the only thing you risk losing are crappy guitar tones!

Formats: MP4, PDF, WAV

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