Music Protest Mixing Well-Balanced Tracks with iZotope Neutron [TUTORiAL]

Music Protest Mixing Well-Balanced Tracks with iZotope Neutron
FANTASTiC | 02 September 2021 | 463 MB
Balancing a Mix
A well-balanced mix should allow all instruments and tracks to be heard clearly (without masking) while providing an appropriate and pleasing range of bass, mids and highs. Achieving this balance can take a lot of hard work. iZotope Neutron makes this work faster and more creative with tools like Unmasking, Sculptor and Dynamic EQ.

Where You’ll Start…
Kick off your improved mixing workflow by learning to focus on 3 specific mix elements. They, you’ll see how the tools in Neutron help to address each mix element quickly and effectively.

Improving Your Mixes
We’ll cover unmasking on a vocal buss and with IPC’s amazing EQ unmasking tools. We’ll see how Sculptor, Transient Shaper and Dynamic/Sidechain EQ works. Plus, get an intro to iZotope Nectar and it’s applications within Neutron to optimize and quickly mix a lead vocal!

When You’re Finished…
iZotope Neutron offers a huge array of power tools for creating a better mix very quickly. This course outlines 3 specific elements that make a good mix – Focus, Clarity & Consistency. Then, lessons provide step-by-step demonstrations of using Neutron’s tools to achieve these 3 mix elements… and ultimately create a balanced mix!

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Mixing & Mastering

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