Lick Library Chord Encyclopedia Vols 1-4 [TUTORiAL]

Lick Library Chord Encyclopedia Vols 1-4
P2P | 24 May 2017 | 7.63 GB
Four courses of Levi Clay’s best selling Chord Encyclopedia series: Vol.1 - Triads, Vol.2 - 7th Chords, Vol.3 - Extended Harmony, Vol.4 - Altered Harmony.

Chord Encyclopedia Vol.1 Triads

In this excellent DVD, LickLibrary tutor Levi Clay opens up the secrets of triad construction and fretboard navigation in a truly original and inspiring masterclass. Over the course of 90 minutes Levi covers how to build triads and all possible voicings for major, minor, diminished, augmented, suspended and more across both open and closed voicings in every inversion all over the neck. There is no more in detail pack available today with well over 100 voicings tackled, this is the best product you're going to find if you want to master chords.


- Introduction
- Building Triads
- The CAGED System
- Closed Voiced Triads
- Open Voiced Triads
- Closed Voiced Minor Triads
- Open Voiced Minor Triads
- Extensions, Variations, Alterations
- Outro
- Performance
- Addional Performance
- 'Red Herring'Bonus Lesson

Chord Encyclopedia Vol.2 7th Chords

Learn everything you need to know about 7th chords and how to use and remember them. Lessons by Levi Clay. In this follow up to volume 1, Levi Clay expands on the vast amount of triad study with a look into 7th chords. From common chords such as major 7s, minor 7s and dominant 7s, to more adventurous sounds like maj7#5s and 7b5s. In this course you'll cover various approaches to memorizing these voicings all over the neck using both video and the downloadable tab booklet.

Between the CAGED system, drop 2, drop 3, guide tones and more, this course will present voicings that number into the hundreds. This course is one of the most effective methods to expand your understanding of the fretboard.

Chord Encyclopedia Vol.3 Extended Harmony

In this continuation of Levi Clay’s best selling Chord Encyclopedia series, Levi walks you through the theory and application to the fretboard of every form of “add” or “extended” harmony.


- add 9 chords
- add 11 chords
- 6 chords
- sus chords
- maj9s, maj13
- maj7#11s

The comprehensive course will teach you everything there is to know about building and playing extended harmony

Chord Encyclopedia Vol.4 Altered Harmony

In the conclusion of his best selling Chord Encyclopedia series, Levi Clay walks youthrough everything you could ever need to know about “altered” harmony. Dealing with chords containing sounds thatdelve outside of the diatonic major scale, these chords are essential for playing modern, jazz influenced, chord progressions.

You will learn:

- #5s, b5s, #9s, b9s
- slash chords
- 3 to 9 voicings
- chromatic superimposition
- polychords

The comprehensive course will teach you everything there is to know about playing and building extended harmony

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