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XLN Audio Addictive Trigger Complete v1.2.5.3 / v1.1.3 [WiN, MacOSX]

XLN Audio Addictive Trigger Complete
WiN: Team R2R | 02 April 2022 | 1.19 GB
WiN/MAC: Team R2R | 05 October 2019 | 1.14 GB
Addictive Trigger - Intelligent Drum Replacement
Audio Fingerprint drum hit detection
SuperStart auto-adjustment of settings
Outstanding drum sounds included
A complete solution

During the research phase of Addictive Trigger, users around the world reported that accurate hit detection is absolutely critical when using drum replacement plugins. Unfortunately, existing triggering technologies tend to have shortcomings that require lots of manual tweaking and correction.

We endeavor to make products that are better than what is currently available, and we ended up creating an entirely new method for drum hit detection called Audio Fingerprint. Our new system uses FFT analysis to accurately identify drum sounds even if there is a lot of mic bleed or background noise in the source material. It’s fast, it’s accurate, and we think it’ll change the way you work with live-recorded drums.

What is Audio Fingerprint?

Typical drum replacement tools rely on rudimentary filtering and transient detection, resulting in many false triggers and missed hits. Audio Fingerprint solves this problem by using a novel FFT-based matching system. It is so accurate, it usually has no trouble detecting lightly played ghost notes from background noise while simultaneously rejecting mic bleed and other unwanted sounds.

In addition to detecting low level ghost notes with great accuracy, our Audio Fingerprint system can also differentiate between different stroke types that are played at similar velocities (for example, sidestick and open snare hits). This lets Addictive Trigger play back the correct articulations of samples, even if the incoming source material has different kinds of drum hits with similar peak levels.

Setting and fine-tuning detection parameters can be painfully tedious work. SuperStart eliminates the need to do this by listening to your source material and automatically providing suitable detection settings. In most cases, this is all you need to get accurate drum detection happening on your tracks. This lets you spend more of your time on creative things like dialing in the perfect drum sounds.


Team R2R Note: (v1.2.5.3)
A witch says,

Our release contains all TrigPak currently available.

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  • alexnadsat
    18 December 2019 20:07
    • The location indicated in the Mac Instructions doesn't exist.
      I tried create de folder an place the license document. Still not working.
      Have anyone made this one work?


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