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Lamprey Lamprey Bloom Lush Synth Arp [KONTAKT]

Lamprey Lamprey Bloom Lush Synth Arp
P2P | 08 September 2021 | 282 MB
Bloom is a gorgeous synthetic instrument modeled to sound somewhere in between a soft piano and glockenspiel. Running on the Kontakt 5 Engine, it allows for extremely creative and beautiful melodies at a very respectable pace.

The instrument is designed to be as intuitive and fast as possible, and includes a built in Arpeggiator script to quickly change chord progressions into dancing melodies, as well as multiple FX controls and velocity-sensitive samples. Bloom now comes with a more aggressive counterpart, Flourish, enabling even more sonic versatility in a single instrument package.

Available as a standalone library for the NEAT Player, or as a Kontakt Library.

PLEASE NOTE - If you intend on using the Kontakt instrument, please ensure you have the FULL version of Kontakt - it will not work in the free Kontakt player.

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