Reason RE DNA Labs Morphine 8 v1.0.3 [WiN]

Reason RE DNA Labs Morphine 8
Team DECiBEL | 14 September 2021 | 93.4 MB
The Morphine 8 Digital Drum Module Sampler is here, an alien species of drum samplers equipped with a modern sound bank of trap based 808 ammunition! Morphine 8 includes, trunk devastating distorted 808 subs, tight kicks, processed snares, crisp claps, clean closed hihats, pristine open hihats, huge cymbals, rises, melodies, fx, and even sequences.

This drum module will accelerate creativity with sequenced glitch morph pitch and mpc style sample repeat and stereo x echo effects. You can load up to 8 samples per patch (use/edit existing samples or use/edit your own wave files) and even save custom drum sets and sequences! Morphine 8 is a modern beast of a drum machine rack extension for producers of all genres ranging from trap, hip hop, dub step, house, & all creative electronic dance music.

Warning: Creativity and inspiration may rise to unsafe levels, use this drum machine at your own risk!

The Morphine 8 Digital Drum Module is a dangerous rack extension that combines both sampling and glitch repeater pitch morphing effects processing with professional x echo delays into one streamlined process. This drum module is loaded with lots of unique 808 processed subs, kicks, snares, claps, rise fx, open hihats, closed hihats, cymbals, melodies, and plenty of editing parameters to tweak them.

135 waveform samples with 39 preset drum set & sequenced factory patches included.

Glitch Morph Control Sequencer & Drum Sequencer This is a dual 1-64 step sequencer that allows automated sample triggering and fx triggering. There are 5 Sample slots with automated gmc fx sequencing(light sequencer slots) capability and 3 static(dark sample slots) fx capability.

GMC Repeater This effect is an mpc style sample repeater (mono retrigger) that repeats the sample sound with tempo sync on/off, and repeater rate editing parameters. Great for trap hihats or snare breakdowns.

GMC X Pitch This effect uses a pre routed lfo to change sample pitch according to shape and semitone range selected. This is great for new style trap hihats and even sub bass pitch morphing.

GMC X Echo This effect is an editable ping pong delay with decay amount, 1/4th,1/4th triplet, 1/8th, and 1/8th triplet speed parameters with 2x speed available also.

Harmonic Distortion User definable harmonic distortion levels allows each sample respectively to be enriched with powerful distortion tuned for a great modern 808 bass but available on every sample slot as well.

Global Limiter This is a smart limiter pre routed as a master buss effect for the morphine 8 drum machine as a whole. "A" setting is a brick wall limiter for an aggressive Distressor or Waves L1 type sound, "B" setting is clean but heard similar to the LA2A limiter, and "C" setting is light, subtle, and musical... yet strong enough to control wayward transients.

Individual Drum Edit This feature allows the user to edit level, length, pan, and tune to each of the 8 samples respectively.

Individual Drum Equalizer This feature allows the user to edit the lows, mids, and highs of the 8 samples respectively.

You need R2R's Reason release and TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder

Copy the RackExtension folder to
"%APPDATA%\Propellerhead Software\RackExtensions\"

Copy *.R2RRECACHE file to
"%APPDATA%\Propellerhead Software\R2RRECACHE\"

After you add new RackExtension(s), you need to rebuild the RE cache:
- Just run "RECacheBuilder.exe" from TEAM R2R Reason Rack Extension Cache Builder
- Cache file will be built.
- Done!

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