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Naroth Audio Mood Guitars [KONTAKT]

Naroth Audio Mood Guitars
Team DECiBEL | 21 September 2021 | 568.1 MB
Introducing Boutique Mood Guitars, a multi-sampled guitar library for the modern producers + composers.
Mood Guitars was developed with the goal to invoke a mood. With a delicate sampling process and low velocity playing, this library delivers an intimate sound at your fingertips. We recorded a mixture of modern and vintage electrics, acoustics, and a bass all processed with 3 different mood characters each. On top of that the library contains a curated selection of effects and 3 additional sound design layers for the ultimate mood.

The Lineup:
Vintage Telecaster - Modern Stratocaster - Fender Precision Bass - Gibson J-185 EC - Orpheus Valley Solea SA-C

How Moody?
Each guitar contains up to 3 multi-sampled articulations that have 3 moods per articulation: clean, moody, and moodier. In the effects block you also have access to even more mood controls such as 3 eq profiles, 3 convolution reverbs, 3 lofi delays, and a cassette module. To add to that you have 3 sound design layers: a pad, dust, and tape crackle.

This library was developed for a multitude of moods ranging from lo-fi to lounge to intimate + emotional scoring

5 multi-sampled Modern + Vintage Guitars
11 articulations
Custom-Built Smart Dynamics
Intimately + Delicately recorded
Up to 36 Hi-Def samples per Guitar
3 Sound Design Layers
minimal + user friendly interface
over 800 MB Uncompressed .Wav
NKS Ready
Built for the FREE Kontakt Player

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Ambient or ChillOut, Rap or Hip Hop


  • rumb
    21 September 2021 16:15
    • Это не гитара, это похоже на звук арфы, или что то в этом роде. - 1


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