Ask Video Keyboard Techniques 201 Advanced Keyboard Techniques for Producers [TUTORiAL]

Ask Video Keyboard Techniques 201 Advanced Keyboard Techniques for Producers
FANTASTiC | 11 November 2021 | 1.1 GB
If you're a music producer looking to sharpen your keyboard skills, this course is made for you! Dive into some advanced keyboard techniques with experienced piano teacher Matt Vanacoro, and get ready to unlock new ideas for your music productions.

This course is specifically designed for producers who already have some playing experience and are looking to expand their keyboard skills and knowledge of music theory. By watching just a couple of videos a week, and by practicing the techniques and concepts shown, you will greatly enhance your playing, improvising and music writing skills.

The course begins with a quick pre-test to make sure you have enough experience to tackle the course (if you're not ready yet, no worries... just start with our first Keyboard Techniques for Producers course instead). Matt then reveals how to go beyond the basic triads you already know by playing seventh chords, ninth chords, and altered chords. You start improvising melodies using various scales and modes by playing along with Matt. Learning to improvising is such a great skill to have when it comes time to write memorable hooks and melodies. Continuing with the course, you learn to read lead sheets, you discover different ways to play open and closed voiced chords, and you learn the specifics of playing different keyboard sounds (acoustic and electric pianos, organs, analog synths).

So join your teacher Matt Vanacoro in this course now, and get ready to boost your keyboard playing techniques!

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